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A Venus-Saturn trine on April 7 puts a practical spin on relationship issues, which could clash with your innate emotional approach. New love found at this time has long-term potential, and you’re serious about improving the environment of a current partnership. But (isn’t there always a but?!) taking a practical approach is preferable to a highly idealized one.

Messenger Mercury turns direct on the fifteenth and is a welcome change from its retrograde course. Not only do communications begin to improve but your thought processes become much less fuzzy, too. Now that you’re able to make concrete decisions about your love life, you can expect clear sailing for the next couple weeks.

The full Scorpio moon on April 29 brings emotions linked to past relationships flooding back to the surface, and you may feel an intense pull to revisit failed romances. This is a great time to draw on Scorpio’s healing and transformational energy to get closure, but just be sure to keep your feet on the ground. You tend to get caught up in big dreams and lofty goals, which can be fine at times, but right now it’s best to keep your feet firmly planted rather than reach for the stars and come up empty.

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