Month of Jan 2021: The pairing of the sun and reasonable Capricorn at the beginning of the month isn’t the most romantic energy, but it helps you get the job done. You’re often indecisive, but this duo can motivate you to make some tough choices. Don’t look back during your climb to the top.

Powerful Mars teams up with leisurely-paced Taurus on January 6, slowing things down and making you think about how your love life connects to your finances. If you and your partner have been spending too much money, it’s time to put a budget in place. If you’re single and have been using money to try to impress dates, try another tactic.

There’s a Leo new moon on the thirteenth that finds your love life full of drama, something you don’t always enjoy. Have you been spending time with someone who wants to argue all the time just to get your attention? Needless to say, this is not your ideal match.

Mercury is in aloof Aquarius when it goes retrograde for the first time this year on January 30, creating a lot of communication issues for you. This difficult transit challenges you to keep an open mind when you’re presented with the opportunity to change, but things won’t run smoothly when you attempt to do things you’re uncomfortable with. No one can blame you when you cling to what’s comfortable.

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