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Month of Nov 2019: Your love life takes an adventurous turn when Venus spends time in free-spirited Sagittarius on November 1. You’re ready to take more risks and come out of your shell—for the right person, but things won’t get very far if trust isn’t involved.

The moon moves through your creative sign on the sixth and seventh, and your imagination is an incredible aphrodisiac. You can dream up some pretty sexy scenarios starring you and the lover of your choice, but does that mean you want those things to happen in real life? Maybe or maybe not, but either way, it’s fun to think of the possibilities!

Love goddess Venus forms a cynical square to your home planet Neptune in retrograde on the fourteenth, which could cause you to doubt yourself, your relationship, your partner, or just love in general. Try to stop these negative thoughts before you fall into an emotional downward spiral that’s hard to get out of.

Neptune goes direct on November 27, so look for signs and symbols in your dreams of the physical and emotional qualities of your potential soul mate. If you’re already with your soul mate, pay attention to what your dreams might be trying to tell you about them or your relationship.

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