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Mighty Mars, your ruler, and Saturn, another powerful planet, form a potentially caustic conjunction on April 2, so you’ll have to make a concerted effort to use its energy in a positive way. Once you set your mind to it, you almost always accomplish the task at hand, but this matchup could bring dark, angry, and vengeful thoughts aimed at past loves or people who’ve done you (or a loved one) wrong. Use the determination that comes with this transit to practice patience rather than declare war.

The mood lightens when Venus drifts into airy Gemini on the twenty-fourth, and your intensity lessens quite a bit under the flirty nature of the Twins. You’re much more lighthearted, and your commitment level may wane as well. You’ll never be the type to let go entirely, but loosening your grip is possible under Gemini’s easygoing (and indecisive) energy.

The month ends with a full moon in your sign on April 29, and it represents a major turning point in your love life. Use its transformative powers to heal yourself. Accept recent endings for the amazing opportunities that they are. You’re an expert at turning the negative into the positive.

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