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September 2017
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Scorpios are often lucky in love because they check out a situation before they become vulnerable. This month begins with a sudden, jarring aspect on September 2. Someone from your past could resurface now, or you might meet someone so perfect you can’t stop thinking about him or her. If you’re single and seeking new love in your life, September 3, 6, and 9 have wonderful aspects that are perfect for scheduling dates and getting to know another better. On September 12, existing couples get closer through sharing new goals. Try to listen to what your partner is saying now. He or she may not have everything thought out but instead, need to share their thoughts out loud. Remember, they’re seeking your support above all else. On the 13, your ego could take a hit when a misunderstanding leads to an argument or worse. The tense energy will pass if you decide not to buy into it. No one wins if you turn everything into a fight. The New Moon of September 20 opens new opportunities for married and single Scorpios alike. Getting more organized about how and where you meet new people, flirt, and connect with your loved one makes everyone a lot happier.

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