August 2018: You’re always brimming over with confidence, and when a square between Mars and your ruler Uranus beams sensuous energy your way on August 1, you could spot someone across a crowded room and be unable to resist the temptation to fall into bed. In fact, you don’t resist, but you do know that this isn’t love. It’s instinct blended with passion and your own special craziness. Remember Mars is retrograde (running wild) in your own sign, and you’re acting on your feelings with this warrior in your corner.

A solar eclipse in Leo and your seventh house on the eleventh changes the dynamic of this bonding, and you’re thinking “happily ever after” (again). During the last week of August, there's another one of those challenging but oh so sexy squares, this time between Venus in the spiritual ninth house and the gangster of sex Pluto in behind the scenes twelfth house. You could feel a bolt or two of smooth electricity up your spine further binding you to this affair. In spite of all the August fireworks you do lead with your heart, and one pitfall you want to avoid is jumping into a commitment too quickly.

The August 26 full moon in Pisces shines on your house of “you belong to me,” and love is intensified. You vow to make each and every moment better than the last.

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