June 2018: For the single Water Bearer, one of the “lucky in love” signs of the zodiac, you could be eyeing someone who seems like your ideal fantasy partner, and it just might lead to a long-term affair. It’s true that the eyes cannot lie, and you always have the right moves, and the weekend of June 2 brings the words to match those moves. No one knows better than you do that it’s impossible to impose conditions on love. Expecting another to always accommodate your fantasies is at times wishful thinking.

The full moon in Capricorn and your house of secrets and uninhibited actions on the twenty-seventh creates a tinderbox of explosive erotic energy. Should your partner catch your eyes wandering, he or she may just light a match. Your best move is to introduce a new game plan, perhaps experimenting with tantric positions or anything else that keeps the two of you in a full body lock. Saturn conjoins this full moon and brings with it all the sexy moves you need. You snuggle into the place that insulates you from the outer world, the place where you can pour out your feelings in safety, and that would be your own four walls.

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