Month of Dec 2018: We all have a tendency toward the offbeat, but is there anyone who enjoys being out of tune as much as you do, Aquarius? Though called “eccentric,” you take pride in the playful label, and why not? It opens the door to all kinds of sexy opportunities.

Batten down the hatches on December 6 when the new moon in Sag ignites a new affair and you once more feel the same rush. If you’re already in a relationship, you might find yourself applying for a marriage license.

By the time of the full moon on the twenty-second, the situation has calmed itself, and you could just want to shut out the rest of the world for the weekend and enjoy the highly charged love affair with a sexy film for background noise. Disappearing is a big task at this particular time of year but you manage it.

If you’re already attached, the magic of an approaching new year inspires you to solidify your feelings. Your partner might be getting anxious for lighter talk and tamer expressions of love.

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