October 2018: There could be a strong dose of intensity in the brew this month as Venus moves into retrograde motion in the deep-water passion of Scorpio on October 5. You could relive what was the sexiest night of your life or exorcize a not-so-pleasant time with this energy. Your chatter could have a sexy come-on to it, and those you encounter all pick up on the vibes you’re sending out. You might have a hard time deciding who is here to stay and who must go.

Aquarians are in for the full treatment at the new moon on the eighth, and you find yourself suddenly turned on to the new, sexier tricks in your own toolkit.

On October 24, with a full moon in sultry Taurus and your ruler Uranus opposing the almighty sun within a 24-hour period, you could veer toward wanting a partner with a “more is better” attitude toward sudden, sexy nighttime trysts.

You’re hot this month, and the quarter moon in your seventh house of “let’s fall in love” on the last day of the month raises the temperature even higher, wrapping you in a blanket of nostalgia that’s hard to resist.

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