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Month of Jan 2020: New year, new opportunities to get your freak on, Aries! Mars enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on January 3, motivating you to put yourself out there. But remember, romance doesn’t just happen. If you want that orgasm, you’re gonna have to work for it. Use your natural charms to not only seduce your lover but also make them feel special. Take a break when the full moon is in Cancer on the tenth. You don’t want to burn out just when things are getting hot, do you?

You may think you have your latest flame locked down, but Venus entering Pisces on January 13 could turn the tables on you. Don’t take your partner for granted or you could be spending some cold nights alone. Use Mercury entering Aquarius on the sixteenth to communicate with your lover about what you two want, both in and out of the bedroom.

Your sex life heats back up again when the new moon enters Aquarius on January 24. Start your New Year’s resolution by trying new sex positions. By the thirty-first, when Ceres enters Aquarius, you’ll get in touch with your logical side. Think before you leap into bed!

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