Month of Feb 2019: The last few months have brought frolic and fun, but when Venus enters steady and devoted Capricorn on February 3, things will start getting serious in your love life. Compromise has never been your strong suit, but being flexible is a requirement for the first half of the month - inside and outside the bedroom.

On the tenth, Mercury moves into Pisces, making you more open-minded but bad at expressing yourself. What you think is kinky could insult your lover. You’re infamous for letting your body do most of the talking, but hold off! Your partner will need your sweet words in order to gain satisfaction. Have a little discipline and listen to what they’re saying and not just how sexily their mouth moves. Watch out for Valentine’s Day - your bright ideas could get you into trouble.

Take a step back on February 19. The full moon in meticulous Virgo can help you gain some perspective. You’ve had your head in the clouds for ages, Aries, but now it’s time to get grounded. You tend to be impatient, but it’s important to delay gratification to discover what you’re looking for. Don’t worry. It will pay off.

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