Month of Dec 2018: What is just playful love chatter is risky on December 6 when the new moon is in “talks too much” Sag and Mercury moves into direct motion.

Don’t rush to put all your cards on the table, because slick deceiver Neptune is tagging along with your ruler Mars to remind you of what used to be. A certain skeleton that hasn’t found the right closet could dance right back into your life while you relive a few torrid times and a painful parting. The two of you could meet up once more, and it might be difficult for headstrong Aries not to jump right back into this relationship.

On the eighth, Chiron revisits this relationship and an old wound could be reopened and possibly healed. You’ll be weighing a decision until the quarter moon of December 15 and a weekend of steamy sex that demands discussion. This could be the time when life and love suddenly take a new (or old) direction.

The climate is still hot when the clingy Cancer full moon on the twenty-second sets the tone for the weekend leading up to the holiday.

On December 31, the moon is in torrid Scorpio and Mars enters Aries. An impetuous decision is made for the upcoming new year.

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