June 2018: Your ruler Mars is slowing down, and it turns retrograde later this month for a long stay over the summer. Both your relationship and your bloodstream begin to simmer from the slowdown.

If you’re in a relationship, a grand water trine on the first weekend of June could see wicked lovemaking as your first priority. It’s always easy for you to fall in love, and it’s especially easy now with this magical trine and the karmic South Node in your house of love. The South Node is practically attached to your ruler Mars, luring you back into past erotic experiences. The good news is that if handled correctly, this month’s planetary dance steps end in the deeper intimacy your partner seeks.

You want to keep the relationship dial turned up to hot this month, and that’s where it is when Mars turns retrograde on June 26, followed the next day by a full moon in Capricorn, the sign of controlled seduction. The full moon conjoins Saturn to increase the sexy heat and intensity, but be careful that your emotional on/off switch isn’t accidentally triggered.

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