Month of Jan 2019: With a solar eclipse on January 5 in your twelfth house of sneaking around, you’re already headed for trouble. The very next day, rebel Uranus moves into direct motion in your house of general fooling around and you could get caught in a trap of your own making. Now you’re in a vulnerable state. With just a little flattery, your boundaries could quickly be invaded, and that’s practically unheard of for Aquarians.

Not to worry. On the thirteenth, an exuberant aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, with all its misplaced optimism, could provide just the moment when a profound state of bliss can be reached. It isn’t until the supermoon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo on January 20 that you’re able to discern just how deeply entrenched and unguarded you are in this relationship.

Coincidentally, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-second has your Aquarian relationship detector pointing to where the two of you are headed, and you’re wondering if you or, more importantly, your lover wants to continue. This is the time your partner might be getting anxious for tamer expressions of love because you’re an undercover act to disengage from. As you unlock the cuffs, the question is, which one of you is really the victim?

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