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aquarius Horoscope

Month of Jan 2020: You like things out of the ordinary, Aquarius. Which is why when things get a little weird in the bedroom on January 3 you’ll enjoy it (surprise)! Mars enters Sagittarius that day, encouraging you to try new things. Maybe you’ll discover a new kink? Enjoy it now, because when the full moon is in Cancer on the tenth, your sex drive will start to slow down. Just go with the flow.

Your sex drive stays in the deep freeze when Saturn conjoins Pluto on January 12. Use it as a time for self-care and getting grounded. You’ll get a deep case of the feels when Venus enters Pisces the next day. Keep calm. It’s just a crush! Don’t do anything about your feelings until the sixteenth. Mercury enters your sign, making your words powerful and seductive.

Luckily, your libido starts to thaw when the sun enters your sign on January 20 and heats up a passionate new love affair. The best day to get laid is when the new moon is in your sign on the twenty-fourth, creating the perfect mood for making love. By January 31, Ceres enters your sign and pulls you deep into these new sexy feelings.

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