May 2018: You do spin a hypnotic tale, Aquarius, and if your partner isn’t already deeply in love on or about May 8, bold and always flattering words could actually produce that state. You are all sincerity wrapped in a glamourous packaging, and it makes you irresistible.

This month, a new moon in sensual and sometimes love-crazed Taurus on the fifteenth shines on your love nest. Could it be that you have a secret? Does one of the two of you already have a committed romantic partner? Is this just one of those juicy entanglements of which you’re so fond? You’ve been known to juggle two lovers in the past, and risk does make your adrenaline rise.

On or around the full moon of May 29, the two of you could be spotted at a popular public event because you aren’t into hiding any longer. During May, you will dazzle your partner with those sweet words that are always ready at your disposal, but the words have a different tone, and your partner knows it. If it’s a deeper level of commitment you want, your partner is more than ready to fill that vacancy in your life.

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