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Month of Jul 2019: Mercury roars into Leo on July 1, shifting your relationship in ways you didn’t expect. Suddenly, the question “What are we?” comes up a lot more often, and neither of you knows what to do. Stay cool and calm like a perfect summer night and you’ll be all right. Embrace the change!

“Embrace the change” is the theme for you this month, Aquarius. Mercury goes retrograde on the seventh, shifting your perspective yet again. While Mercury’s retrograde turns your love life upside down, you have a ton of energy. When words fail, use your mouth in other ways to get your point across. Your lover will enjoy your newfound stamina all night long. Keep that fun energy going on July 19, when Mercury’s retrograde enters emotional Cancer, making you a romantic.

Tension runs higher than the temperature during the second half of the month. It may be hot outside, but you’ve got to keep your cool if you don’t want to go home alone. Venus entering Leo on the twenty-seventh can make you demanding and temperamental. Learn to let the small stuff go. Mercury will turn direct on July 31. Just hold on.

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