July 2018: On July 6, a quarter moon in reckless Aries urges you to take even more chances than you already do. The whole month may seem like a delicate balancing act between acting your version of normal and following your wilder impulses, but those wilder impulses win out in the long run.

This month, Mars retrograde in your own sign brings recklessness and a “get away with murder” air to the forefront. It doesn’t take much more than a suggestive look, the aroma of a familiar perfume, or even touching a slinky fabric to induce a state of near obsession. Aquarius doesn’t do obsession well, but the solar eclipse of the twelfth sends you a warning signal to keep this affair to yourself for now.

Your own sexual journey is filled with erotic interludes during which you break a few traditional rules, and this is just what you’re contemplating. You can feel the sexual currents, and you know that the two of you are together spiritually on this journey.

July 27 puts you in a push-pull state of mind. While you feel the heat, savor these elusive moments. There is still an exit sign blinking down the hall.

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