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Month of Apr 2019: Let’s face it, Aquarius, you’ve been known to be a bit scattered. However, this flightiness won’t cut it this month. With Mars in Gemini for the entirety of April, you’ll be motivated to create plans and follow through. Plan a romantic getaway and try a little sex on the beach - and I don’t mean the drink. Jupiter’s retrograde, starting on April 10, will give you a boost to help you out.

Thanks to Mercury entering Aries on the sixteenth, you’ll meet a lot of fascinating (not to mention sexy) people in the strangest of places. This is the time to show off your charm and flair for dynamic conversation. This energy will carry you to April 19, when the full moon in Libra grants you incredible seductive powers and puts stars in your eyes. There’s no way you’re going home alone.

Things only get hotter as Venus enters energetic Aries on the twentieth, reigniting the passionate and sexy energy that has lain dormant within you for too long. This will be a pleasant surprise, and you should let yourself bask in it. This isn’t the time for long-term plans or commitments. It is the time for spontaneous flirting, adventure, and passionate nights.

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