Month of Jan 2019: The first month of this new year is hot - and we’re not talking about the temperature. You could suddenly find yourself overtly flirting with innocent strangers passing you by.

As early as January 5, a solar eclipse has you consumed by thoughts of a new spicy affair and engaging in slightly dark, secretive, and erotic thoughts. Innovative and spontaneous Uranus plays his part in these thoughts as he moves into direct motion in your own sign the next day. With Jupiter in his own natural ninth house, you’ll want to safeguard these nefarious thoughts from others while you plan a trip to a favorite faraway romantic place.

Be aware, though, that Jupiter is going to challenge the sometimes deceptive Neptune on the thirteenth. Does anyone - even colossal Jupiter - have a chance when this nebulous star is bent on winning? Neptune has never lived by the rules of others, nor have you, Aries, although you keep your lawlessness undercover while Neptune likes to publicly have the last laugh.

On January 20, a supermoon lunar eclipse in your fifth house of daring love, followed closely the next day by Jupiter and Venus flirting with each other in the heavens, could inspire the kind of love that volumes have been written about.

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