Month of Nov 2018: As the month begins, Jupiter and the sun are in your house of uninhibited sex, and temperatures are soaring. Your ruler Mars is in your eleventh house of love, and you could find yourself heavily involved in an exploration of the erotic with that person closest to your heart.

In the case of the single Aries, you’re walking around with a red-hot aura, and as it floats above in the ether it could encounter another red-hot aura, and voila - the two of you are connected before you meet on this plane. With Venus turning direct in your seventh house of real love on November 16, the tinder needed to fuel this deep intimacy is also red hot. Your impetuous nature wants to spill your feelings, but wait until Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on that same day (and if you do spill the story, it will be highly exaggerated).

Here comes your ruler Mars on the nineteenth to challenge Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, and rather than talk about the emotions you feel, the two of you would be safer acting this one out.

The bright, silvery light of a full moon on November 22 is in blabbermouth Gemini, and whether you’re single or attached, a sensational secret is revealed and the two of you reach a sexy crossroads.

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