The usual springtime kinkiness is jump-started on day one in March with a full moon in your sensual sixth house spiced heavily with a “stay around forever” flavor. Aries finds it easier than ever to attract someone and be turned on, and it will be a win/win whether attached or unattached.

With a quartet of stars camped in Pisces and your twelfth house of secret liaisons, you’ll forget everything you think you know about seduction techniques and zero in with improved romantic and wistful moves that pay off. The always assertive Aries tones down his or her approach and indulges this love object with all manner of sexy connecting - touch, taste, or huskily whispered words.

You do prefer to dictate timing and circumstances, and perhaps this month the toning down brings humor - and it’s a sexy tool.

Love is just as much a gamble for you as money is, and during this month’s new moon in Pisces on March 17, the gamble pays off.

Mercury turns retrograde in your own sign of Aries on the twenty-second, giving you permission to act out in your boldest and most persuasive manner. Whether it’s red-hot passion or pure love, if you ask for it, it will come. The full moon in Libra on the last night of the month adds its own brand of heat.

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