September 2018: On September 5, the quincunx, that aspect that sometimes spells fate, links your ruler, fiery Mars, to messenger Mercury, and the two of them spell “destiny” in capital letters. It won’t take long for what was a simple dalliance to be transformed into a blinding erotic affair. It could be as early as the sun opposing Neptune on the seventh or the new moon of the ninth. While you might feel as though you’ve stepped into quicksand, you don’t ask to be rescued.

As the days of September pass, you find them becoming more intense until September 18, when Mars clashes with abrupt Uranus, and the two of you could be swept away by promises and passion.

It won’t be until month’s end that a full moon in your sign of Aries finds you wondering if perhaps you rushed into this affair too quickly. This isn’t unknown territory for you. You need decadent pleasure for its own sake as much as any of the poets of yore. You could find yourself scribbling in your journal more than usual.

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