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Month of Jun 2019: Gemini and Cancer rule the skies in June, a month of contradictions, and your relationships become more and more complicated. The sun is still in Gemini until June 21, making tension run a little high. Things are moving so fast that you can hardly keep up. Thankfully, Mercury enters Cancer on the fourth to add some tenderness to your high-speed romance. Relish these little moments.

Your harmonious relationship is derailed when Venus enters Gemini on June 8. Kiss your sex drive goodbye until the tension has subsided. It’s easy to hide from harsh reality, but you must keep moving if you want things to get better. If you care about your current romantic relationship, you’re going to have to put in the work or be prepared for a dry spell.

Thankfully, things get easier when the sun enters gentle Cancer on the twenty-first, giving you a much—needed rest. Trust your intuition when it comes to relationships, even when the logic doesn’t quite match up. You won’t do much talking during this time, but a single look from you can seduce anyone. Find someone who’s on your same wavelength and your sex drive will finally return.

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