July 2018: The cosmos is playing hardball this month. With both healer Chiron and the quarter moon in Aries, a sexy family secret you weren’t willing to share with the world could slip out accidentally on July 6. You’re in a vulnerable state, and this ancient tale turns you into the sentimental lover that you really are. It’s all about the facts this month, and sex is the salve for healing this old wound.

On the twelfth, your desire nature is set on “hot” and a Cancer solar eclipse in the fourth house of your family of origin only adds to your confusion.

On July 19, a quarter moon in your house of hidden sexual secrets adds to the need for heartfelt love that has been simmering for weeks now. The whole situation becomes even murkier as Mercury moves into retrograde motion on July 25, blurring any facts you have.

A lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius and your twelfth house of behind-the-scenes love on the twenty-seventh could pull the cover off this secret. Secrets are private matters, and when shared with a lover, secrets increase intimacy. Toss a touch of kinky love into the brew and you, dear Pisces, can have a mystical and erotic night to remember.

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