May 2018: A burst of Aquarian behind-the-scenes, naughty cosmic energy beginning the second week of May gives birth to a multitude of kinky ideas. Although you don’t think of it as manipulation, Pisces, you could twist your love language so that your partner believes the words are his or her own. You are yearning for the ultimate experience, a moment in time when you can almost feel the earth move. Nothing less than surrender should really be the stance you take and stick with to bring the results you choose.

You may still be floating on a romantic cloud when a May 15 new moon in sensual Taurus brings even sexier antics.

On the very next day, Mars squares Uranus, which could bring a scary realization that you should slow down a relationship. You could become aware that you’re heading toward thin ice, and you want to stay on the straight and narrow.

This awareness pays off on the twenty-fifth, when Jupiter trines Neptune, and your feelings are strong and honestly displayed. Your payoff comes from taking time with your lover. The two of you are working together to raise your pleasure to the nth degree this month.

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