Month of Aug 2020: The ending of summer brings you one more possible love affair when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. Flirting with a sexy stranger makes your heart flutter. Who is this mysterious person? You’ll find out more when Mercury enters Leo the next day, giving you ample opportunity to discover more about them.

You can’t tear yourself away from your current love interest when Venus enters Cancer on the seventh. If you can’t be with them physically, they’re on your mind—and in your naughty fantasies. You feel your sexist when Vesta enters Leo on August 11. Go on and tell them about your dirtiest daydreams. They could turn them into blissful realities. Yum!

Life stresses begin to kill your mood when Uranus goes into retrograde on the fifteenth (yes, just when you thought you were done with retrogrades). You are too busy to get busy. Reel in your emotions when the new moon is in Leo on August 18. You don’t want to get too deep too quickly and scare off your lover. Thankfully, the sun entering Virgo on the twenty-second will bring you the happy ending you’ve been searching for all summer. Enjoy it, Pisces!

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