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Month of Mar 2019: It seems like the planets are aligning to make your sex life out of this world in March. With Neptune, the sun, the new moon, and Mercury in your sign, this is the month when all your sexual fantasies can come true. Enjoy it, Pisces, because this is your time to shine.

With Mercury staying in your sign, this is a great time to daydream because the planet won’t affect any part of your daily life in a negative way. In fact, it will give you a boost in talking to your partner about a future together. Mercury can also help you find some sexy singles, wooing them with your own personal brand of charm. Who said retrogrades were a bad thing?

The line between love and friendship could blur at the start of the month thanks to Venus in Aquarius, but try to stay clearheaded. Friends with benefits is always a complicated situation, but don’t make things worse for yourself.

Luckily, everything will calm down when Venus enters your house on March 26, making things hot and sensual again. Give in to the passion. It may have been a cold winter, but things warm up at the end of March.

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