Month of Jan 2019: Blurred vision could be one of the side-effects of your ruler Neptune in your first house for several years now. This first month of a brand-new year has many eye-opening surprises, beginning midmonth when a quarter moon and a Jupiter-Neptune square whisper in your ear that you should engage in that naughty illicit affair. Your ruler Neptune makes it sound like an experience you shouldn’t miss.

On January 18, love goddess Venus in Sagittarius is in a state of ecstatic harmony (otherwise known as a trine) with Mars in warrior Aries, and you imagine the most exotic experience. You could be disappointed by the messy quality of the real deal.

But wait! The cosmos has more in store for you when a supermoon lunar eclipse on the twentieth, followed shortly by a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-second, may cause the sometimes indecisive Pisces to enter more than one relationship. This could cause justifiable conflict among the lovers involved.

January 27 brings a quarter moon in very jealous and vindictive Scorpio, and you could be stunned when one of the lovers catches a whiff of duplicity and fades out of your life. Why does it always have to be the one you’re most attracted to?

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