Pisces Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of July 14, 2024

You won't be able to control your mouth early this week, so let go of your secrets or try not to think about them too much, if they're really secrets, that is. You'll ease into something resembling leadership later in the week, either at work or with your friends, and you'll find that you like it more than you thought you would. Some idea of yours is going to prove to be unrealistic this weekend, but you're good at staying flexible and you'll come up with something better.

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Weekly Love Pisces Horoscope

A prosperous new adventure is headed your way surrounding love this week. Where will you and your partner go? How will you and your partner grow? There could be a dash of confusion, which will have you discussing your deepest fears. How your partner responds to your trigger and your story will tell you a lot about the support you're likely to receive in the future. Bringing up the past can be painful but transformative. What we've experienced, positive or negative, can have a lasting impact and often show up in ways we don't recognize.  For...

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Weekly Work Pisces Horoscope

Unexpected discourse will arise at work earlier this week, Pisces. A professional interaction may not go as planned when Mars in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on Monday, July 15. The cosmic energy may result in an altercation at work. You could be part of an argument with coworkers or clients. There might also be an issue that arises suddenly and seemingly without any answers. Since this could be frustrating, you should be mindful of how you speak to others during this time of stress.  Plus, this might be the beginning of some more chaos...

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Pisces Daily Dating Horoscope

July 19

Give yourself a break today and don't do any heavy lifting. Sit back and join the conversation. Be leisurely. You can finish up the hard stuff tomorrow.

Pisces Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of July 2024

You’re starting the month with some productive energy when Mercury enters Leo on July 2. With summer in full swing, you’re focused on creating healthy dating habits for yourself. In fact, Pisces, your best date night will be during the Cancer full moon on the fifth. This is the perfect time to...

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