November 2018: With your charm, you can usually make a conquest with very little trouble. In a slippery situation, you toss in a tablespoon or two of your own brand of authenticity and graciously slide out of this sticky situation with a convincing story. You’ve experienced all forms of scenarios and plots, but this month the cosmos is lending a hand.

Mercury turns retrograde on November 16, and while you want to tell a certain story, you hold back. On that very same day, slinky Venus moves into direct motion in her own sign of Libra and your house of love and sex as a contest. You spin quite a yarn, and the listener is captivated.

Mars squares Jupiter on the nineteenth, and you embellish the story. From that point on, the two of you are on what feels like the adventure of a lifetime. If you’re already in a long-term relationship, it’s even more adventurous, and your partner could get much more amorous.

On November 22, a full moon in Gemini brings a touch of “let’s pretend” to the mood. This full moon period is the best time of the month, but don’t put anything in writing.

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