July 2018: Smooth on that slippery and seductive rose oil and put a “do not disturb” sign on your door when this month begins with a sexy quarter moon in your own sign on July 6.

In July, your always overheated ruler Mars is retrograde and steering your sex life through steamy waters. Your partner is slowly being turned on to your newly dreamed-up seduction skills. Plan your sexy getaway between the solar eclipse on the twelfth and the quarter moon on the nineteenth because that week is full of fated energy. One or both of you could succumb to the magic moments the cosmos is sending your way.

With Mercury turning retrograde in carefree Leo on July 25, you are ready for the unrestrained fireworks that are about to spontaneously go off. What happens on this day will set the pace for the next three weeks.

A lunar eclipse on the twenty-seventh shining its light on Pluto literally absorbs the intensity of this little rock at the far end of the zodiac and empowers you with more force than usual. The old myths of men (and women) howling at the moon might just be the metaphor to explain the animal urges that come to the surface.

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