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Month of May 2019: Venus is still in your sign during the first half of May, bringing you great vibes and even better sex. Mars in Gemini will send your charm and sex drive off the charts. Enjoy it while you can because things won’t stay sunny for long.

On May 1, Uranus semi-squares Neptune, bringing a ton of new people into your life and booty call list. While these relationships won’t be very deep or lasting, they will bring a lot of fun and passion.

However, if you want to make things more official, the best day to do that is the sixth, when Mercury enters steady Taurus and gives you the power to have a clear, rational conversation before emotional mayhem takes over the rest of the month.

Affairs could hit a sour note when Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer on May 15. Emotional Cancer adds some serious drama to your relationship, causing the green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head. Jealousy, hurt feelings, and petty arguments could easily destroy your relationship.

Luckily, Mercury’s entry into Gemini on the twenty-first eases some tension. After all, the best part about fighting is the make-up sex after.

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