Month of Mar 2019: Have you been having some steamy fantasies lately? Well, good news! Venus enters Aquarius on March 1, bringing more fantasy and excitement into the bedroom. You’ll be drawn to people you’d never expect. Suddenly, a close friend or co-worker will become attractive to you. Let it happen!

After seven years, Uranus will be leaving your sign and taking up residence in Taurus on the sixth. This is a major relief because the last several years have been wacky for you. With Uranus out of the picture, you can be free of stress and relationship drama. Kick that toxicity to the curb.

However, while Venus may give you all the charm and sex appeal this month, Mercury retrograde in Pisces from March 5 to March 28 will be a major setback. Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in naturally vague Pisces could bring unbelievable frustration with communication.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings could run rampant this month. The best thing to do is be patient and don’t push anything. Tame your lust for life if you want to stay with your lover. Let things happen naturally. Don’t let your forcefulness be your downfall.

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