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Month of Sep 2019: We’ve all been there: holding onto a summer fling long after it’s burned out. Luckily, Mars in Virgo helps you see that, rationally, it’s time to move on. After all, there are plenty of other apples in the orchard. When Jupiter quincunx the north node of the moon on September 10, allow a friend to set you up on a blind date. Hey, you never know!

With Mercury and Venus entering flirtatious Libra on the fourteenth, you’ll show everyone how much game you got. From getting the barista’s number at the coffee shop to chatting it up with a cute co-worker, everyone wants you, Pisces. Use your natural intuition when the full moon is in your sign to see who’s your perfect match. If you get a gut feeling, go with it.

If your dating routine hasn’t been working out for you, try a new strategy on September 23 when the sun enters Libra. You’ll be surprised how quickly it pays off. Remember, your intuition is your strongest asset, so trust your gut on the twenty-eighth when the new moon is in Libra if you’re deciding if you should take a new love interest home. It’s your call.

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