September 2018: “Transparency” is a popular word in today’s world, and for Pisces who love hiding their real selves, your ruler Neptune and the sun are the major players this month. These two heavyweights are fighting for control most of the month but especially on September 7. Your loving and very complicated personality unveils itself in the seventh house of living happily ever after, even though Neptune will do its best to mask the feelings you’re harboring.

There are plenty of other stars at work, but in your case, they’re playing supporting roles. You can make a decision to not make any decisions and see where this exciting week takes you.

It could be with the full moon in your second house of “you belong to me” on the twenty-fourth that you require a lot more love than you did in the past. And even amid a sizzling romance, you’ll want to take time to examine the depth of feeling between the two of you. In other words, as usual, you’ll be doing all the talking. As one of the most emotional of all the signs, you can’t settle for halfway. You want all or nothing this month.

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