November 2018: With the sun, Jupiter, and a new moon convening in “let’s get down to the business of secret sexual encounters,” you set about untangling an existing naughty relationship problem.

Once between the sheets, though, a blast from the quarter moon in kinky Aquarius on November 15 incites wild emotions that are definitely out of proportion with your actual feelings.

On the sixteenth, salacious Venus turns direct, and the daydreaming ceases because you know you must face the truth and “fess up,” as they call ending a relationship. Within 24 hours, though, Mercury in blabbermouth Sagittarius moves into retrograde motion, and you get signals from your inner knowing to keep this secret just a bit longer.

Meanwhile, on November 19, kinky Mars, the gangster of love, squares Jupiter, and you accidentally cast your net and lure a new, genuinely in love candidate into this tide of romantic excess. By the time the twenty-second rolls around and the full moon in Gemini shines its sexy light on the place you call home, you have this new visitor spending enough time to loosen the ties that have bound you to what is now a slightly unrealistic old romantic dream, or so you say.

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