August 2018: For you, being in love is akin to swimming in a warm sea, almost a womb-like experience. You live life in a dream most of the time and now, during the wee hours, you can almost see that dream playing itself out on the bedroom ceiling.

When a solar eclipse in your sixth house of your everyday life comes along on August 11, temptation seems to be everywhere. Even though you’re deep into a love affair, you can’t help but add characters to the running narrative that is your fantasy life.

With Mars in your twelfth house of sneaking around, an old love could even surface. It could be you never really gave up on that person, and when Mercury turns direct on the eighteenth, you suddenly feel there is unfinished business with this person. You might just want to get together for pseudo makeup sex, or, in this case, “making up for lost time” sex. Call it karma or synchronicity doing their particular magic, and that little voice in your head is shouting at you to engage in naughty goings-on. The full moon on August 26 in your own sign could put an end to this fantasy affair.

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