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Month of Apr 2019: Better squeeze what’s left of that seductive energy out of Mercury and Venus during the first half of the month. These planets have been chilling in your sign since March, but you’re still oozing with charm and seductive words. There’s no one who can flirt like you can, Pisces.

However, the magical oasis you’ve created with your lover will soon start to dry up when Mercury and Venus leave your sign in favor of Aries, starting on April 16. Add Mars being in Gemini for the whole month, and it can be disastrous for your love life. This shift could cause you to have some honest conversations with your lover, maybe a few you’re not quite ready to have. You can’t get out of this with pretty words or gentle touches, Pisces. The first month was the time for words, now is the time for action.

Use the first half of the month to not only enjoy the good moments with your lover but also decide what you really want out of this relationship. Is this a fling? Friends with benefits? A real relationship? Better decide soon because indecision could lead to a very long dry spell. Be honest - even if it hurts.

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