Month of Feb 2019: Things are getting pretty hot during this cold month as your seductive prowess continues to grow. You may have just left a dead-end relationship, maybe you’ve been single for a while, or maybe you are super comfortable in your relationship. Whatever the case, you’re feeling a lot of freedom, Pisces, and it’s time to live it up!

If you feel that everything is going so well because the planets are aligning, you may be right. Mercury enters your sign on February 10 and the sun enters your sign on February 18. Good things are coming your way. The strength of your sign is giving you a steamy charm and romantic aura, seducing anyone around you. Valentine’s Day will be a romantic time. It could go so well that you might have to take a “sick day” on Friday.

What you thought was a short-term fling is turning into something more. What was sexual tension in the beginning is now a real romance based on mutual trust. This could freak you out a little, but don’t panic or put anyone on a pedestal. The full moon on the nineteenth will be the perfect time to make things official.

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