Month of Dec 2018: This is your month, Pisces, because the universe is blowing an abundance of seductive energy your way.

You’ll plunge right into that cosmic aphrodisiac, especially during the weekend of December 6. The new moon is in Sag, and chatty Mercury in Scorpio moves into direct motion, and the two of you are finally on the same page. You and your partner could be taking a long, hard look at your relationship, and it could bring an element of fear.

This is the kind of fear that heightens an erotic experience, especially when it takes place in the “in your face” first house. Your relationship is deep, and the impetuous action of Mars in Pisces runs right into your ruler Neptune, also in Pisces, the very next day. This could cause thrills (or chills) up the spine of escape artist Pisces.

With a full moon shining it’s bright light on your house of love on the twenty-second, you bring a guest to your well-appointed nest, and the two of you might not be seen again until the new year. The cosmos is smiling on you.

On the last day of the year, the torrid Moon in Scorpio trines your ruler Neptune, and you enter 2019 in the land of “let’s pretend,” your favorite destination.

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