Monthly SexScope

You get into more trouble than any of the other signs just trying to be your own authentic self. It seems like others aren’t used to the gentle, loving, and kinky treatment they receive from you, and that quick devotion arouses suspicion. Nevertheless, your juju works, and you could find yourself diving into that elusive hotbed of desire we all crave.

The sun moves into your sign on February 18, and you are more alluring than usual this month. Direct eye contact is your primary magical elixir, and as February begins, you hold someone captive with your eyes, and you just may have snagged a partner as loyal as you are. You aren’t looking for that fantasy short-term trip to romantic places, just a shortcut to commitment. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to real love.

The quarter moon on the twenty-third sprinkles this delectable bond with just the right amount of possessiveness to set the scene for romance.

When Neptune signed a lease on your first house it also assigned to you all its magical allure. It may now seem like wherever you look there is someone intriguing looking back even though you may already feel committed. February is a month when distracting one-night stands or sexy flings don’t appeal. You want the real thing.

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