June 2018: The weekend of June 2 is magical with a grand water trine between your ruler Neptune and Venus, the star of love, and Jupiter, the star of even more love. The sexy, offbeat, and wildly adventurous lover that you really are goes on the prowl and finds erotic adventure at almost every juncture. Should you be invited to a splashy event, a good-looking foreigner could take an immediate liking to you. You could get lost in dreams of long-distance travel. By June 18, you may have dreamed that dream often enough in the past two weeks that you find yourself actually planning a trip.

A cultural difference might mix the signals between the two of you at the quarter moon of the twentieth. Adding to the confusion, Mars moves into retrograde motion on the twenty-sixth. Your actions could become more secretive as you decide you don’t want the world to know about what has by now become a hot affair with a stranger. So much time could be spent this month in hot and breathy conversations behind closed doors that the tan you love so much begins to fade.

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