Month of Aug 2020: Summer is ending, but you still have one more chance for an exciting summer romance when the full moon is in your sign on August 3. Forget your ex-lovers and download a dating app. A steamy hookup may only be a swipe away. Give your friends some sex advice when Mercury enters Leo on the fourth. Pass on your wisdom to others.

Venus entering Cancer on August 7 could bring up some complicated issues with your friend with benefits. Make sure you tell them exactly how committed (or not) you really are. Vesta entering Leo on the eleventh will bring out your kinkier side, but it also makes you want to keep it under wraps for now. You don’t want to show off too much too soon.

The retrograde of Uranus on August 15 brings waves of nostalgia as you remember old flames that have fizzled out. Resist the urge to text them. Move on. Luckily, your old wounds will start to heal when the new moon is in Leo on the eighteenth. The sex wasn’t that great anyway. You’ll get your groove back again when the sun is in Virgo on August 22. You’re ready for anything!

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