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Month of Oct 2019: Let’s face it, Aquarius, you can be a bit of a flake. However, not communicating could lead to some serious drama when Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3. Whether it’s by phone or owl, communicate with your partner. And don’t flake on their sexy plans! If all goes well, the fourth should be a great day. Mars is in Libra to make intimacy extra sexy.

The best night to get your freak on is October 13. The full moon in Aries makes you extra attractive. Is that a love potion in your pocket, or are you just happy to see that hottie? Romances shift when the Pluto-Chiron quintile creates a ghastly love spat on the eighteenth. Compromise is key.

Thankfully, romance turns from sour to sweet when the sun enters Scorpio, making October 23 a very sensual day. Stay present and focused on your lover when the new moon is in Scorpio on the twenty-seventh. Checking out that sexy vampire won’t lead to a very fun night with your current partner.

Magic is in the air on Halloween when Mercury goes retrograde. Use your body and sexy mouth to tell someone how you feel.

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