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Month of Oct 2019: We know, Pisces. Your last romantic entanglements have been such horror shows that you’ve considered holding a funeral for your sex drive. However, before you R.I.P romance, consider looking at love from a different angle. When Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3, analyze the relationships you admire. Assessing successful relationships might show you what you’re looking for. Put yourself out there when Mars in flirty Libra is giving you confidence on the fourth.

If you meet someone who makes your heart flutter like bat wings, tell them so when the full moon is in Aries on October 13. Allow yourself to feel, and give yourself permission to express your emotions. Continue questioning what you want in a relationship on the twenty-third. The sun in Scorpio can help you solve the mysteries of your haunted sex life.

If your current lover isn’t satisfying your emotional needs by October 27, tell them. The new moon in Scorpio gives you the courage to stand up for yourself. Don’t settle for someone who can’t satisfy you emotionally.

Stay home on Halloween when Mercury goes retrograde. Fantasize about the “perfect” lover. You give yourself better orgasms anyway.

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