Gemini Monthly Work Horoscope for December 2022

Month of December 2022

Social situations could be few and far between, but pretty much everyone is going to have an extra chatty impulse around this time, Gemini. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6 and then turns retrograde on December 29. This means less chaos around communication and fewer delays when it comes to making deals and signing new contracts with clients. You’ll experience more clarity, heightened intuition, and sharper perceptions as the days progress, but you can still expect some complications with hubris and ego. Just make sure you aren’t up on your soapbox preaching at people.

The full moon on the seventh has you paying more attention to relationships and your connections with others, which unexpectedly brings with it more focus than you’ve had in a while. The new moon on December 23 only amplifies any desire you’ve been harboring for a crush or significant other. Use the energy to work up the courage to ask for what you want, no matter how intensely you feel about it!

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