gemini Monthly Work Horoscope for March 2021

By Lisa Stardust

Month of March 2021 This Month

There’s going to be slightly less clarity for you when Mars moves into your sign on March 3, which could lead to several other consequences if you’re not careful. This fogginess could bring on some mood swings if you don’t feel in control.

Your mind could bounce from one idea to the next and cause some frustration. You also may find that you lose track of certain obligations, so be sure to set two alarms for the next couple days if you have something important scheduled that you simply can’t miss. Deadlines may be a struggle as well, so try not to overcommit yourself in March.

There’s another big challenge for you when the moon opposes your ruler Mercury on the twenty-seventh. This is going to be a real roller coaster in the sense that one moment you’ll have solutions for all the issues you're facing at work, and the next they will seem to fly out the window.

Arguments are a big impediment to working in harmony with colleagues right now, so lay as low as possible until after that date. The best thing to do when your ideas are scrambled is to find something that can enhance your sense of inner peace, and try to avoid conflict as much as humanly possible.