Gemini Monthly Work Horoscope for July 2022

Month of July 2022

The month starts with a crash course in financial planning. It isn’t that you’re going broke, but you need to get your money in order, mostly because you crave security. Mercury entering Cancer on July 4 gives you an opportunity to start paying off college loans or credit card debt. The good news is that this transit can also bring a raise your way.

However, Mercury enters Leo on the nineteenth, which could force you to change your financial situation. It might have taken an unexpected hit resulting from the eclipses in April and May. This transit isn’t unlucky, so you can recoup your money and then some when the sun enters Leo on July 22.

Watch out for any unsavory business plans or investments that come your way at the new moon in Leo on the twenty-eighth, because they could result in scandal. You don’t want to get involved in a fishy situation regarding your money or career. The offer might be hard to resist, but you should refuse it no matter how much is promised. Just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it is in reality. Don’t ignore the details of any contract or financial matter.

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