leo Weekly Horoscope for Week of July 11, 2021

Week of July 11, 2021

Leo, plans go on the back burner. This week, it's the halcyon days of summer.

The week begins on Monday, July 12, with Mercury in Cancer making a trine to Jupiter in Pisces in your house of resources. Today, you may hear of an extraordinary opportunity, one that could bring you a solid source of revenue over a long period of time. It is almost too easy; careful you don’t pass it up. Pay close attention to what's going on around you to find this gift from the Universe.

On Tuesday, July 13, Venus, in your own sign of Leo, forms a conjunction with Mars in your house of confidence. Your charisma is off the charts today. All eyes are on you wherever you go. Today's an excellent day for finding love. Make yourself available to meet new people either in person or through online dating sites. Love is looking for you today.

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Weekly Love

You may feel quieter and contemplative this week, thanks to the fact that Mercury is entering your twelfth house of the subconscious as of July 11. If you don’t have the right words for how you feel, there’s no need to speak on what doesn’t need to be said. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your intimate eighth house on July 12, you may prioritize more emotional interactions over superficial ones. Let your heart lead the way.

Your heart’s desires may come front and center by July 13. As Venus and Mars join forces in Leo, your...

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Weekly Work

As Mercury slides into your spiritual twelfth house on July 11, you may start to feel more introverted and interested in solitary activities. In fact, making a point of working on your own or even working from home could lead to some incredibly powerful results, especially when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your transformative eighth house on July 12. Don’t underestimate the potential of being alone with your own abilities and thoughts.

You may feel astoundingly creative, energized, and ready to tackle your goals by July 13....

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Weekly Dating

Lie low Monday and don't get seriously involved with people, even those you know well. You just need some time to yourself. Life picks up in a big way over the next couple of days and you will be surprised to learn something interesting about your latest crush. Work issues might crop up later in the week, but they can be turned to your advantage if you step back and look at them carefully. Sunday is perfect for hanging out with your friends.