leo Weekly Horoscope for Week of April 4, 2021

Week of April 4, 2021

Leo, this week, giving something up for someone else brings you much more than you expect.

On Tuesday, April 6, Venus in Aries, in your house of spirituality and enlightenment, makes a sextile to Mars in Gemini in your house of friendships. Today, you can get involved in a blissful connection. This could be a friendship that turns into a love relationship that is deep and meaningful. Or you can make a heart connection with someone who shares your beliefs and ideals. This is a sextile, so you must initiate the meeting or start the conversation.

Toward the end of the week, on Friday, March 9, Mars in Gemini, in your house of technology, makes a square to Neptune in Pisces in your house of banking and finance. Use caution today as you can get talked into something quite expensive that you don't need. This could be related to your sound system, a phone upgrade, or the promise of faster internet. The fuzziness of Neptune can hide the true cost. It can also be difficult to set up with this aspect.

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Weekly Love

You may be concentrating on one detail instead of taking a step back and taking in the full picture. On April 4, the moon in your analytical sixth house will square Venus in your expansive ninth house, which may lead to important information getting lost in translation. Take time to really list the pros and cons of a relationship.

By April 6, the cosmos is asking you to embrace new friendships and widen your circle. Venus will sextile Mars in your social eleventh house, paving the way for new experiences to turn into even more...

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Weekly Work

As this week begins, your desire to follow a set routine may be at odds with your need for spontaneity and freedom. On April 4, the moon in your productive sixth house will square Venus in your expansive ninth house, which may leave you conflicted about whether you should stick to the plan or veer off track. However, sticking by the plan may actually have some benefits. On April 5, the moon-Pluto conjunction could transform your ability to be timely and efficient.

A client or colleague may leave you feeling shocked around April 6....

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Weekly Dating

If you've been feeling down about your creative output, expect things to pick up quite a bit on Monday and Tuesday as inspiration strikes and you find it easy to ride the wave. Conserve your resources through the week so you can devote yourself to whatever it is that's driving you forward. Don't spend a single frivolous dollar. The weekend is perfect for dates, which will go extremely well for you and might last longer than you expect. The combination will be great, and you might get really wrapped up in it.