Leo Weekly Horoscope for Week of May 29, 2022

Week of May 29, 2022

This week, you’re meeting new friends and doing new things. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 29, with Mars in Aries making a conjunction to Jupiter and your house of travel. Leo, it’s likely you’re hungry for something exciting to happen. You’d like a quest, an escapade, a trip to a part of the world you’ve never been to before. It’s time for some excitement. Break free of your routine right from the beginning of the day by ordering a different type of coffee. And maybe finish the day by booking a trip to Ireland, Italy or Iceland.

There’s a new moon in Gemini on Monday, May 30. You might be connecting with a new group or part of the community. Leo, you could be exploring your frugal side by joining the local “buy nothing” group. Or you could immerse yourself in a hobby, learning to make jewelry out of sterling silver and rough-cut gemstones. This is a good time to explore your interest in refinishing furniture or restoring antique cars.

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Weekly Love

How are you incorporating balance into your daily routines? This is your week to prioritize balance. Sit down and make a list of where you need to spend more time, whether it be finances, playtime, health, or in your social life. The new moon on the thirtieth is perfect for realigning with your goals and set intentions.  

You will feel very fired up on the twenty-ninth with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries. Exercise moderation, especially towards your spending. This is a great day to start a new hobby or take a fitness class with...

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Weekly Work

Some things will get easier while other aspects could get tougher at work this week, Leo.

Time to seek out new professional opportunities to advance in your career when Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries on Sunday, May 29. Go forward with courage and excitement as you make your own luck. Look for opportunities that will allow you to travel, learn, expand, and grow within your career path. Then a day later, you will have plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network and an endless stream of ideas to pursue under the new...

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Weekly Dating

Big and interesting changes are afoot early this week, and by the time you get up Wednesday morning you should be fully settled into your new routines. Spend a day or two helping your friends figure out what the new rules mean to them, but don't freak out if they refuse to play along. Some will resist, even though you can see that it's for the best. You'll figure it all out this weekend, and you should have an answer for everyone who still thinks they need one.