scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Week of April 25, 2021

Week of April 25, 2021

This week, someone could help you become aware of a family pattern. Scorpio, you have the opportunity to break free.

The week begins on Sunday, April 25, with Mercury in Taurus making a conjunction to Venus in your house of relationships. At the same time, Mercury makes a square to Saturn in Aquarius in your house of dwellings. You and your sweetheart might be having a stressful time. This could be due to external circumstances. The two of you can put your heads together to figure out a solution. Give yourself time to hammer out ideas and look at a plan for going forward.

On Tuesday, April 27, there's a full moon in your own sign of Scorpio. This is a significant period for Scorpios. Over the next two weeks, you could be making some personal decisions about your life and relationships. This is an empowering aspect. Scorpio, you have the ability to make your own choices now.

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You may have trouble interacting with colleagues as this week begins. As Venus and Mercury in your seventh house of partnerships squares off with Saturn in your sensitive fourth house, you may feel drained during professional interacts—especially if you need to cooperate with someone you don’t feel comfortable with. Finding some alone time will help you, as the moon in your spiritual twelfth house forms a trine with Saturn. This encourages you to find your emotional center.

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