Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022

This week, power and opportunity come your way.

The week begins on Sunday, November 27, with Mercury in Sagittarius and your house of money making a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus. Something you want isn’t at the right price, or maybe it’s at the right price but the store is out of stock. Scorpio, you might need to leave empty-handed (except for the rain check in your pocket). But this could be a sign that this isn’t where your money should be going. Today, take a step back before you make a purchase.

On Monday, November 28, Mars in Gemini and your house of power and control trines Saturn in Aquarius. Today, you might be very aware of who has the power in a situation. And this is where you tap in to your inner Scorpio ability to shift the power in your direction. If you feel that you’re stuck in a corner or have limited options, it’s time to think creatively. Ask yourself what would happen if you did the opposite of what is expected of you or if you walked away from the situation. Scorpio, soon the power will shift in your favor.

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