Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Week of July 10, 2022

Week of July 10, 2022

This week, you’re uncovering new information. 

The week begins on Sunday, July 10, with the sun in Cancer and your house of faith and wisdom making a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and your house of partnerships. Scorpio, you can find a great teacher. If you’re looking to study the violin, the secrets of Buddhism or French grammar, this is a good day to locate your guide. 

On Wednesday, July 13, Venus in Gemini and your house of investments trines Saturn in Aquarius and your house of foundations. It is also the full moon in Capricorn. You might be looking at your various holdings today. You could be reviewing your 401(k) and checking your IRA accounts. Scorpio, you might count up your cryptocurrencies or look at investing in an IPO for a company that builds houses, purifies water or has some other environmentally friendly business. This is a good day to learn the difference between an annuity and an ETF.

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Lie low on Monday and let other people take all the risks. You'll be back in the game soon, but for now you just need to watch. Your brainpower will fire up on Tuesday and you'll experience a little stretch of power that will help you scoop up just about anything (or anyone) you want. Work might get weird for you late in the week, especially if there are underlying power issues you need to deal with. Plan out your weekend with friends and you'll be able to do everything you want to do.