Week of Dec 7, 2020: The moon is in Libra by December 9, realigning your energy and instilling a sense of confidence and determination within you. However, as you’re owning your space and expressing who you are, a lover may not feel happy about it. The moon opposes aggressive Mars in your relationship sector, increasing the odds of a frustrating argument. Try to prevent this from getting ugly by seeing things from the other person’s perspective.

Either way, your love life may feel temporarily marred by instability by the tenth. As the moon in your grounded second house opposes unpredictable Uranus in your intimate eighth house, jealousies and insecurities could rock a relationship off balance. Try not to jump to conclusions, because the situation may not be as serious as it seems and could blow over quickly. When the moon forms a trine with empathetic Neptune in your sixth house of service on the eleventh, choose compassion over proving your point.

Getting through this little spat could solidify your relationship and bring it down to earth by December 12. Both the moon and affectionate Venus create magic in your sensual second house, putting your love life in a wonderful position to build something beautiful, calm, and accepting.

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