libra Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of February 21, 2021

By Roya Backlund

Week of February 21, 2021 Last Week

This week, you and your lover could become so much closer. In fact, on February 24, Mars in your intimate eighth house will trine Pluto in your cozy fourth house, pushing you to take things to the next level and truly let each other in.

If you’re in a relationship that seems serious, this could be a beautiful week to make a big purchase together or even entertain the thought of moving in together. If you’re already in a serious relationship, use this energy to reconnect all over again.

However, this week, you and your lover may need to reassure each other of your feelings. On February 26, the full moon in your sensitive twelfth house will oppose Venus in your practical sixth house, leaving you feeling unsure of the level of concern you share for each other. If you need a reminder that you are loved, there is nothing wrong with asking for one.

In fact, by February 28, it could even transform your confidence. The moon will enter Libra, bringing you back in touch with yourself and reminding you who you are. Remember to honor all the beautiful things about yourself and to let go of all the insecurities and wounds you’ve been carrying.