cancer Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of June 27, 2021

Week of June 27, 2021

Financial blessings may begin to grace your presence this week. As Venus enters your luxurious second house on June 27, you may find that money is flowing to you more freely and easily. In fact, you may discover a means of passive income around June 28, when Mars in your second house of finances forms a sextile with the North Node in your twelfth house of the subconscious. Money doesn’t always need to come from blood, sweat, and tears.

However, some financial commitments or responsibilities may come back to haunt you by July 1. As Mars opposes Saturn in your eighth house of investments, you may find yourself hitting a financial ceiling if there are still debts you need to pay off or money that is still owed to you. Don’t give up hope, because as Mars forms a trine with Chiron in your ambitious tenth house on July 2, you’re developing a deeper confidence in your ability to succeed.

You may feel inspired to break away from a traditional understanding of money by July 3, when Mars squares off with Uranus in your innovative eleventh house. Let this redefine your understanding of what you need as opposed to what you want.