Mercury in Aquarius

In unconventional Aquarius, who knows what off-kilter information will come to the surface—but that's the fun of this quirky transit.

With all kinds of progressive or challenging ideas being tossed around, expect some lively debates. Aquarius also tends to activate your intellectual side, so you'll be ready to investigate the far regions of your mind. Technological communications flourish during this time but beware that in retrograde, machines tend to go haywire. Some discussions may feel cold or emotionally removed, but consider this a workout for the open-minded, innovative side of your brain.

Mercury in Aquarius: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Air & Fixed

Positive keywords for Mercury in Aquarius:

  • Humanitarian
  • Liberal
  • Original
  • Rational
  • Unconventional

Negative keywords for Mercury in Aquarius:

  • Erratic
  • Extreme
  • Impersonal
  • Ingenious
  • Rebellious

Mercury in Aquarius Personality

The mind of a Mercury in Aquarius dwells in some indistinct era in the next millennium. These natives are true innovators for whom the present is the past and the future their playground. Of all the airy Mercury placements, Aquarius may be the least other-oriented. Though they live in pursuit of some idealized version of existence where humanity is better, these folks aren't exactly into actually engaging with the rest of the world. Idle chatter doesn't appeal to the Aquarius Mercury mind. They'd much rather muse about the idea of extraterrestrials or different economic systems.

Furthermore, their thought processes tend towards pure logic, even at the cost of social niceties. The sciences are the frequent stomping grounds of these individuals, as they appeal to the characteristic Aquarian detachedness and objectivity. Still, those with this placement aren't uncreative. To imagine a better future as they do requires a vast imagination.

Positive Traits

Those with their Mercury in Aquarius have grand ideas with the laser focus to see them out. Opinionated and off-the-wall, these folks will not be silenced, regardless of how their thoughts are perceived. Like their fellow air signs, Aquarius Mercuries excel in the realm of debate, though perhaps they take less pleasure in it than others. Debate isn't a pastime for them but a necessity. They simply must prove their points.

Overall, those with this placement aspire to profundity, not agreeability, though they often achieve the latter in spite of themselves. Intelligence is attractive after all.

Negative Traits

Aquarius Mercuries love to shock for the simple sake of transgressing norms. While their offbeat nature can be engaging, they have also been known to step on toes and hurt feelings with their devotion to logic. These transgressive tendencies extend to their argumentation, where they are known to play Devil's Advocate. However, their fixed nature and high intelligence can blind them to the flaws in their "truth." The know-it-all is strong in this one.

Like their more earthy predecessor, Capricorn, Aquarius Mercury can also come across as a little cold due to their logical focus.


Those with their Mercury in Aquarius incarnate mad scientist energy. Their brilliant minds are in constant pursuit of inspiration and originality. These individuals want nothing more than to push the limits of acceptability and tradition. The idea of doing things “the way they've always been done” genuinely disturbs them, so they're constantly in search of some new method or routine. As a result, they can come across to some as a bit erratic.

In a way, Aquarius Mercury exists more in the future than the present. “Now” is never enough for these innovators.