Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a freewheeling, freethinking sign, so expect some big and bold ideas during Mercury's transit through the sign of the archer.

This is a great time for brainstorming, but not so much for execution (save that for the more detail-oriented transits, like Virgo or Capricorn). Sagittarians are natural philosophers, which is why you may feel the urge to engage in global issues or talk to people from different backgrounds in order to help you find a sense of enlightenment during this time. Sagittarius's naturally curious side can also inspire overflowing ideas—especially those of the wild, whimsical variety. But don't be afraid to engage in a little wide-eyed optimism—it could do you some good.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Mutable

Positive keywords for Mercury in Sagittarius:

  • Adaptable
  • Broad-minded
  • Expressive
  • Honest
  • Principled

Negative keywords for Mercury in Sagittarius:

  • Blunt
  • Bragging
  • Careless
  • Generalizing
  • Pretentious

Mercury in Sagittarius Personality

It's always a good time for those with their Mercury in Sagittarius. Always ready with a good joke, those with their Mercury in Sagittarius have a joyful and optimistic outlook. Disappointment is a minor injury for Sagittarius Mercury, as their minds are perpetually dreaming up some new course or ideal. These natives are swept up in the winds of adventure. They approach learning with complete freedom and open-mindedness.

It comes as no surprise that these natives can frequently be found pilfering shelves filled with volumes on philosophy or religion. Mercury in Sagittarius feels that existence must serve some greater purpose and seek it through multiple avenues (though active experiences are preferred). Though well meaning, those with this placement have a tendency to ruffle feathers with the verbal carelessness that they sometimes display.

Positive Traits

Mercury in Sagittarius is the scholar, the brilliant and tenured college professor, and the free thinker. Jupiter allows their minds to travel across fields of thought that would mentally exhaust less intrepid signs. The “big picture” is the preferred point of view of those with this placement.

The novel and foreign are delights for these natives whose thirst for knowledge is immense. However, Sagittarius Mercury is not the bookworm per se. Their educational journeys are often somewhat unconventional, but they prefer it that way! Sitting at a desk and taking notes doesn't appeal to them, and the world beckons!

Negative Traits

Outside of church, preaching isn't appreciated though Mercuries in Sagittarius are often guilty of it. The expansiveness of Jupiter—Sagittarius' ruling planet—bulldozes through all filters and hesitations. Therefore, speaking tactfully can be a struggle for these natives, particularly with their fire sign impatience and impulsivity. Foot-in-the-mouth syndrome is all too common with this placement.

Worse, despite their characteristic open-mindedness, those with their Mercury in Sagittarius can be unwilling to accept differing worldviews though they generally are willing to hear them out. Furthermore, in their quest to make themselves heard, they may unintentionally silence others.


While Sagittarius Mercury can't be contained, they can get a little loud. Jupiter, their ruling planet, is the largest in the solar system after all, and this Mercury placement's communication style definitely reflects this. Those with their Mercury in Sagittarius take a broader approach to learning. Therefore, detail-oriented tasks are not where these individuals excel.

Additionally, one can rest assured that earnest Sagittarius Mercury will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Honesty is their policy, but they sometimes fail to take into account how they communicate it. Once atop their soap box, they are hard to topple, so long rants aren't uncommon with this placement.