Mercury in Scorpio

If you're interested in subtlety, Mercury in Scorpio might not be your favorite transit.

Scorpio is a sign often associated with a sense of mystery, but under the influence of Mercury, suddenly everything in the dark begins to come to light. This alignment holds nothing back in order to get to the cold, hard truth. Get ready for some deep discussions and uncomfortable truths during this time. Scorpio is associated with death and rebirth, so the best way to utilize this transit is to communicate any dark fears or anxieties that might hold you back. This can be a powerful time to talk about what's going on within your most intense self.

Mercury in Scorpio: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Fixed

Positive keywords for Mercury in Scorpio:

  • Penetrating
  • Profound
  • Psychological
  • Shrewd
  • Strategic

Negative keywords for Mercury in Scorpio:

  • Extreme
  • Inflexible
  • Intimidating
  • Sarcastic
  • Turbulent

Mercury in Scorpio Personality

Mercury in Scorpio has a tough-as-nails approach that cuts to the root of an issue. Mincing words and sparing feelings do not appeal to Scorpio Mercuries. As the zodiac's detective, they get "down to the nitty-gritty" of things, sifting easily through layers of superficiality and subterfuge. Simplicity and shallowness are anathema to these perpetually suspicious folks, so they can be considered what some may call “deep.” However, their profundity is far from a put on.

While they can tear through pretense and problem-solve with ease, their intelligence leans more heavily on intuition than logic. They possess a certain knowing that motivates them to doggedly pursue their passions, of which there are many. God help those who get in their way. Mercury in Scorpio doesn't respond well to “no.” These folks are just as fixed as their modality.

Positive Traits

Those with their Mercury in Scorpio maintain a growing hub of (other peoples') secrets. Something about their confidential air inspires others to pour out their souls. Fortunately for those folks, they're generally exceptional secret keepers. Though their personalities are tinged with darkness, Scorpio Mercuries can lead others out of their own.

Therefore, psychology is a common field of study for these folks, as the human psyche is their playground in a way. They attempt to penetrate the minds of others with a passion equaled only by Aries.

Negative Traits

Mercury in Scorpio may assume the worst of others and have more pessimistic outlooks on life. On some level, they truly do expect the worst of people. Or rather, they're too in tune with the dark side of people to risk trusting them. They hold onto these darker perspectives with an iron grip.

Furthermore, Scorpio Mercuries perceive their opinions as law, and lawbreakers receive no mercy. As a result, those with their Mercury in Scorpio can be hellish debaters. In the same vein, this placement isn't exactly known for its sensitivity towards others (though they themselves are in possession of a surprising amount of sensitivity).


While they can be fairly set in their opinions, Scorpio Mercury possesses an inherently transformative energy. However, the road to transformation is rarely pleasant for these folks. After all, minds as fixed as theirs, only an earthquake could shake their strongly-held convictions. Unlike their lovely predecessor, Libra, those with this placement aren't the most tactful.

Though they thrive in the darkness, Scorpio Mercury hates to be in the dark. From this desire to know (and their suspicion) springs their investigative tendencies. They may not be the most trusting, but given their permanently sealed lips, they certainly are trustworthy.