King of Wands Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings

King of Wands Card Meaning

The King of Wands in Tarot stands for being creative, inspiring, forceful, charismatic, and bold. His personality is a combination of the positive fire energy of the Wands suit and the outward focus of a King. He is enthusiastic and creative, and he allows his originality and inspiration to take form. If an opportunity presents itself, he takes the lead. The King of Wands is forceful when pursuing his goals, and others follow. Unless it suits his purpose, the King of Wands is never a passive observer. He jumps in to create results. Never the one to be quiet, he is dramatic and exciting and often the center of attraction. The King is bold and daring, and he has the energy and self-assurance to take risks. He believes in himself, has the courage of his convictions, and often avoids safe and easy routes.

Upright King of Wands Card Meaning

When the King of Wands is upright in a Tarot reading, it indicates that it is time to be inspired by what the King of Wands stands for. The King of Wands is a forceful and imposing leader. He is hardworking and focused in everything he does. This card means it is time for you to lead the way, take risks, and make a splash. You can let yourself be inspired by the King of Wands and do exciting, daring, and dramatic things. Utilize the special energy of the King of Wands. This card also generates spiritual energy. This card may spur you to take the kinds of actions the King might take, such as take risks, lead the way, attract attention in one way or another, or even create a masterpiece.

Reversed King of Wands Card Meaning

When the King of Wands is reversed in a Tarot reading, you might feel unmotivated and lethargic. You might feel like you can't muster the excitement to finish anything. Other people's opinions could be holding you back. It could also mean a rude and unhelpful man.

King of Wands Card Love Meaning

The King of Wands in a love Tarot reading can mean many things. If you're in a relationship, it might mean it is with a person who embodies all the qualities of the King of Wands, and, in turn, you should remain independent and cultivate your own sense of self. The King needs a strong partner. It could also mean that you and/or your partner is feeling especially loving and protective of the other. Or perhaps you're the King of Wands and you want your partner to be more self-sufficient. If you're single, it means you might soon meet someone who embodies all the qualities of the King of Wands or that you are your own King of Wands.