The Magician Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings

The Magician Card Meaning

The Magician card in Tarot symbolizes male power of creation through willpower and desire. The Magician wears red and white clothes. The basic card symbols are the lemniscate (a figure eight on its side symbolizing eternal life and eternity), a small wand, a table displaying a chalice symbolizing knowledge and preservation, a pentacle, staff, and sword.

Upright Magician Card Meaning

When the Magician card is upright in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes originality, creativity, skill, self-confidence, and dexterity. The card means you will be given an idea, a solution to a problem, an ambitious career, a love life, or a job. You must trust in your big brain to help you find what you need and let the world open up to you.

Reversed Magician Card Meaning

When the Magician card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes weakness of will, insecurity, delay, and lack of imagination. You also need to be on the lookout for major opportunities and take care to not let them pass you by. Keep those eyes peeled. You also want to be wary of people in your life who might be untrustworthy and try to avoid them. Say no to snakes in the grass. Embrace your bright future.

The Magician Card Love Meaning

The Magician card in a Tarot love reading is usually a sign of positive things to come. If you're single, a new (and profound!) love is likely headed your way. If you're in a relationship, it could mean it is time to deepen your bond with your partner. All in all, a very good thing.