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Many elements are in place, but a few items in this relationship are still solidifying. The best...

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These feelings go deeper than you realized. The important thing is to let them move and develop on...

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If you're always asking, "Why is this constantly happening in this relationship?" you're probably...

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Being in a relationship is the perfect way to find out who you are. Watch your actions. How do you...

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Dragging matters out won't help. Surrender to the universe and do everything within your power to...

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No one knows you as well as your partner does. Then again, no one knows how to push your buttons as...

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Your partner appreciates your chameleon-like ability to get along with all kinds of people and your...

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It's amazing how the same issues keep cropping up in life and this relationship, only wearing a...

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A little extra affection would definitely soothe what ails you right now. Tell your partner to be...

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Sometimes the timing on a certain project just isn't right no matter how much you want it to be....

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Throw your partner a lifeline right when they need it. You won't have to calculate. Use your...

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Figuring out where your partner is coming from is difficult, if not impossible, if you don't first...

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