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Daily Couples Lovescope


Try not to worry about your partner's ever-changing moods. They aren't going to make any serious...

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Your partner could be incredibly giving and helpful today, so much so that you might suspect...

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It's hard for you to be satisfied with the current situation, but fortunately, you're going to hit...

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Even though you're feeling great (and maybe a little frisky), you might drift off into a daydream...

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See if you can find a way to double-check with your partner about your recent discussion. You might...

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Don't be too surprised if your partner isn't ready to do something you both agreed on. It's one of...

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Your partner might get a little frustrated with you today, but only if they're expecting you to...

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You can make little changes that will surprise and delight your partner even though nobody else...

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Make sure your partner is handling any important details that can't be avoided. You're not going to...

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You'll probably have an easier time with things today than your partner will, so see if you can...

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Money issues could cause stress today, but most likely a short-term spending limit will be all it...

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Lend a hand before your partner asks for it. You'll be able to see just what's needed before they...

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