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The Sky Today, June 16

At 12:00 a.m.: The moon is opposite Jupiter

At midnight, the Virgo moon opposes Jupiter in Pisces, amplifying stress. We might feel stretched thin or overwhelmed by situations outside of our control, yet we maintain a compassionate spirit, buoyed by a desire for order. However, Jupiter’s influence can cause us to be less discriminating than the Virgo moon would prefer, which can result in us revealing our anxieties, health concerns, or prejudices to others out of a desire for solidarity and companionship that we would be wise to keep private. If we must share at this time, we should be mindful of our company and keep conversations polite.  

At 12:20 p.m.: The sun is square Pallas

After noon, the Gemini sun squares off with Pallas in Pisces, confusing our sense of direction. We may have invested our energy into an idea that requires more thorough analysis, and there is a good chance that we are thinking too linearly about our problems. Success is visualized as an endpoint at the conclusion of a predictable path, and assuming that the process of self-discovery is an easy one thwarts our ability to see the magic potential in the unpredictable. There are many loose ends that we are avoiding because we believe that addressing them will frustrate our goals, unaware that our success lies in addressing these unknowns. Facts, figures, and data will only get us so far if imagination isn’t part of our strategy. 

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