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You and your friends are facing something pretty big, but there's no need to panic just yet. You...

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Your good feelings are spilling over, and your friends should recognize a good thing when they see...

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You're in the habit of dispensing advice to all those around you, and today is a great time to...

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Put your brain to good use today. It's got plenty of juice and should be able to bust out with some...

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You're going to stick with the plan or schedule all day long, no matter what kind of craziness pops...

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Your good energy is driving you to make your living or working space a little nicer. It's a good...

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You have listening skills that others envy, so put them to good use today. You should be able to...

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You're the first to hear the latest today, and while you might not want to go spreading it all...

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Plenty of tiny details need to be dealt with today, which isn't exactly like a day at the beach....

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You're trying to track down some more information and it suddenly gets a lot easier. Whatever...

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People are looking out for themselves now, and so should you! Just make sure you aren't relying on...

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You might need to step on someone else's love territory, but only because you can see how it's not...

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