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You can get what you want today -- but you should chill out a little to get there. Your diplomatic...

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You and your people are getting along great -- and your amazingly good energy makes it that much...

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Listen to whomever is trying to get your attention today -- they have more wisdom than you think....

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Your original thinking is always welcome among friends, but today widens your audience. You may...

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It is so easy to get trapped underneath paperwork and red tape that you should probably avoid...

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You and your people are in the right place to figure stuff out today -- with your big brain leading...

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Focus on your network -- even if you insist that you don't have one! All those friends of friends...

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You and your friends are involved in something that doesn't seem to lend itself to chilling out, so...

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Life is a little freaky today, but you can handle anything that comes your way. It's a great time...

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It's a good time to stay in touch with friends and hotties -- you can maintain whatever story...

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You're not as engaged with stuff today as you were just yesterday -- maybe you're lost in thought,...

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Go slowly today. You have the right kind of energy, but not for hardcore partying or any kind of...

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