Leo Daily Love Horoscope

June 22, 2024

A mighty full moon has arrived and echoes into the week ahead, Leo. This lunation is in Capricorn and highlights your solar sixth house of daily affairs and employment. Your schedule will be especially busy at this time, but what this is drawing attention to is your true work-life balance. Always remember that romance and love must be worked in as a part of your lifestyle, so if you’re not making them a priority, now is the moment to consider how you can. Talk with your partner about setting time aside for sweetness and sex. 

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Daily Couples Horoscope

You might not be able to get everything you want right now, but you can still research and make plans. Talk to your partner about what you'd like to do together, then get the details in order.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

It's natural for people to be on different paths in life -- just try to be patient.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 23, 2024

Get all your affairs in order and everything accomplished this week before your ruling planet trines the moon on the twenty-sixth so you can enjoy this transit with family and friends. There's a sense of harmony around relationships, and health and well-being are exactly where they're meant to be....

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Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of June 2024

Your astrological month starts with your bright leader sun meeting up with romantic Venus in versatile air sign Gemini on June 4. All different types of people are attractive to you now, Leo, so the keyword to successful dating is “diversity.” Attached Lions love a good debate, and you might even...

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Leo Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2024

You love everything about love, Leo. You love the excitement and drama and, yes, even the pain, because it makes you feel alive. You know that every strong emotion has the capacity to teach you something new, which is why you see each day of 2024 as a chance for a fresh start and a way to see...

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