Aries Monthly Dating Horoscope for August 2022

Month of August 2022

After a carefree month, you might need to get serious about your summer fling when Mercury enters Virgo on August 3. As the month goes on, you could notice cracks in your relationship. Do you stay and try to fix it, Aries, or cut it loose? 

If you’re single, you have more opportunities for love when Venus enters passionate Leo and there’s a full moon in Aquarius on the eleventh, making this the perfect time for romance. One of your new friends might set you up with someone, or you could engage in a friends-with-benefits situation. 

Either way, you’ll be doing more talking than usual when Mars enters Gemini on August 20. Whether you’re talking it out with a current lover and trying to see where things are heading or getting your flirt on, you’ll be moving your mouth more than your body. 

Your dating life might have some make-or-break moments when the sun enters Virgo on the twenty-second. Is your current relationship healthy for you? If the answer is yes, make it official when Mercury enters Libra three days later. If not, use the new moon in Virgo over the weekend to work on yourself.

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