Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

Neptune, your ruling planet, continues its journey through your sign by heading retrograde on July 2, which can really intensify your already strong intuition and make you even more attuned to the emotional undercurrents of current or potential relationships. Spending time revisiting old patterns and analyzing your past actions in your love life can reveal valuable insight for the future.

A Mars-Uranus conjunction in stubborn Taurus on the fifteenth produces some very powerful, potentially disruptive events that you weren’t expecting or couldn’t have predicted. Sudden bursts of energy combined with a deep desire for change end up with you taking calculated risks and making bold decisions regarding love. Which is fine as long as you realize you have to live with the consequences either way.

On July 20, you experience an intuitive Mars-Neptune sextile that helps you tap in to your powerful psychic abilities and strategically navigate romantic opportunities that fulfill your deepest desires (and maybe even a sexual fantasy). Trust your gut and go for it, Pisces!

A harmonious sun-Neptune water trine shows up on the twenty-first, creating a dreamy, romantic vibe. You’re drawn to people who share your compassion, empathy, and love of the arts now, and it’s a powerful time to deepen the connection with an existing partner or attract someone with whom you feel an intense karmic connection. You always believed that love at first sight exists. Now you have proof.

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