Libra Monthly Love Horoscope for Month of July 2022

Month of July 2022

You have peak charming powers thanks to romantic Venus partnered with flirty Gemini early this month, so you don’t have a lot of trouble talking your way out of (or into) trouble. You’re an excellent communicator now, so if you have smooth, interesting and easygoing conversations with a current partner, crush or date, it’s probably meant to be.

A motivating Venus-Saturn trine arrives on July 12, showing you the kind of love that you could have in your life if you’re willing to work hard for it. Look for examples of the kind of relationship you want to have (like your grandparents, a celeb couple, etc.) and then find ways to emulate the most enviable parts of it.

Love becomes private as Venus enters the introverted, hard-shelled sign of the Crab on the seventeenth, so you definitely won’t want everyone knowing your business. If a current or potential partner posts anything about your relationship on social media, you’ll most likely ask them to delete it. You aren’t ashamed; you’re just very guarded now.

On July 24, a stressful Venus-Jupiter square has you questioning why you’ve been so unlucky in love. Even if you’re currently happy, you can’t help thinking about all the ways you’ve been done wrong in the past. Work on being present in current moment and appreciating what you have during this aspect, Libra. Doing anything else just isn’t that productive.

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