Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of May 2024

On May 6, a sun-Saturn (in your compassionate sign) sextile emphasizes the fact that the harder you work, the more successful you will be. Don’t lose sight of the prize, Pisces. Even if you’ve been disappointed before, this aspect reminds you to try, try again. Love is always worth the extra effort.

The nineteenth brings a dreamy sun-Neptune (also in your creative sign) sextile that can help you use your imagination and intuition to manifest your romantic dreams. Everyone accuses you of being overly idealistic, but what if you really can have it all? Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. There’s magic in the air.

The sun pairs up with Gemini on May 20, opening your eyes to all of the romantic options you have. There are endless possibilities around you now, which might make some people happy, but to you it’s all just a little overwhelming. If you’re satisfied with what you have, don’t even look at your other choices. It’s too easy to get confused during this unsettled transit.

There are fateful vibes during the Jupiter-Neptune sextile on the twenty-third, so don’t ignore the signs that appear to you in your dreams and IRL. The Universe is trying to tell you something important about your romantic destiny. Pay attention to the clues even if they don’t seem important or applicable at the time.

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This month, you will find yourself drawn to creativity and new approaches to your business endeavors. The new moon in Taurus on May 7 is perfect for exploring new ideas and ventures that align with your values and passions. Do try to stay grounded and practical, making sure you have a plan B when you take a significant risk. Mercury enters Taurus on the fifteenth. This will encourage empathy and an ability to connect with others on a deep level and serve you well when networking or building partnerships. Trust your instincts this month, Pisces...

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Your month begins on a very flirtatious note during the new moon in Taurus on May 7. There’s a strong possibility that chatting it up with someone at a party could lead to sparks. Continue to use your charms to score dates when Mercury enters Taurus on the fifteenth. The right pickup line could seal the deal. Your family could act as your dating support system over the next few weeks once the sun enters Gemini on May 20. A clever relative might try setting you up at a barbecue or party. Let it happen, Pisces. It could be the start of a...

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June 16

One of the most magnificent periods of the entire year is upon you today and tomorrow, Pisces. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication, will unite with sweet Venus, our goddess of romance, pleasure, and love. They will combine their synergy within...

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On the sixteenth, Venus squares Neptune, your ruling planet, which means we must be careful what we agree to. This is not a good time for signing contracts as you'll likely miss a detail that will catch up to you later. Choose tea over coffee during this transit.  On June 17, you may feel mentally...

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Year of 2024

When it come to love, Pisces, you’re usually all in, and this year is no exception. You’re a starry-eyed dreamer who’s in love with the idea of love, but your expectations and hopes are often dashed by reality. In 2024, you’ll be using different techniques to make sure that your love life lives up...

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