Gemini Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of May 2023

This month’s cosmic energy brings some major changes to your work life. For the first time in a long while you’re the one calling the shots and making the moves.

When Mercury turns direct on May 14, you will be discussing your future project and goals. However, your plans might need revising when Jupiter squares Pluto three days later. Although you might have to rethink the business model you devised during the retrograde, it would be best to rework an old plan to turn your vision into reality. 

New opportunities are coming your way that will help you gain momentum and success in the work sphere. People want to give you opportunities now, so it’s important that you lean in to the energy and take them. 

Your future prospects are boundless as long as you make the effort to evolve your vision when your solar return occurs on the twenty-first. The time to start your new chapter is now. Enjoy the good times with your colleagues.

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