Weekly Finstrology Update for April 17: End-Week Upsets

April 14, 2023

This week’s astrological focus is on Thursday and Friday, April 20-21, which features several events that could upset the markets and require adjustment. 

The most spectacular is Thursday’s new moon/solar eclipse at 29 Aries, exactly at 12:13 am. This is called a black moon because its sign matches that of the previous new moon at 00 Aries on March 21. In a solar eclipse, when the sun’s light is blocked, the moon is stronger. In Aries, emotions could be hot on Thursday, which is emphasized by the eclipse’s sensual and passionate meaning. In the markets, this could result in volatility. 

Four hours after the eclipse, the sun enters Taurus, which could introduce some calmness, yet stubbornness to the eclipse’s passion. In the noon hour, the sun squares Pluto, adding yet another tough-guy standoff vibe to the day’s trading. 

On Friday, April 21, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus at 4:35 am, where it will remain through May 14. Because Mercury rules both trading and stock indexes, be extremely careful with order placement to avoid errors during this period. In Taurus, these three weeks are a time to rethink finances. Indeed, the S&P 500 could make a high on Friday when Mercury, Uranus, and the moon are aligned with its first-trade Mars

On a final note, money planet Venus is out-of-bounds from April 18 through June 2. Thus, financial activities of all sorts could go in unexpected directions and in extreme ways. That especially could be the case through May 5, when Mars also is out-of-bounds, emphasizing uncontrolled actions.

Markets on the Move

NEM | Newmont Corporation

Newmont Corporation, the world’s largest gold mining company, recently made an offer to buy Australia’s largest listed gold miner, Newcrest Mining, in what would be the industry’s largest-ever deal at $19.5 billion. 

Newmont was first incorporated on May 2, 1921; its stock, under the ticker symbol NEM, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on January 27, 1940. For news about the potential purchase, watch the end of May as transiting Jupiter conjoins the company’s natal Mercury. Jupiter will be conjunct with the company’s sun—indicating expansion of identity—three times from mid-July 2023 through early March 2024. Thus, this time period could encompass the physical sale that would make the company bigger.

As a gold mining company, NEM and the gold market tend to travel in similar directions, although recently NEM has lagged gold’s recent move toward record highs. Newmont made lows the two previous times since last July that transiting Uranus was conjunct its first-trade Uranus; that happens for the third and final time on April 23. However, this time it could mark a high. 

Look for a high in NEM from Monday, April 24, to Wednesday, April 26, when three transiting planets are making tight aspects to the stock’s first-trade horoscope. They include (1) Mars square Mars; (2) sun square sun and Mercury; and (3) Jupiter conjunct Saturn. This would tie in nicely with a potential high in the gold market on April 24 when Mars conjoins its first-trade Saturn and opposes first-trade Mercury.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin Low on Monday, April 17—As bitcoin goes back and forth across the $30,000 mark, look for support near $29,200 as Venus makes a partile trine to first-trade Mercury and sextiles its natal moon.
  • Euro FX Low on Monday, April 17—The sun and Jupiter are conjunct first-trade Saturn, with the moon conjunct natal Jupiter and Venus opposite natal Pluto. Look for support in June futures near 1.10700.
  • Crude Oil Low on Wednesday, April 19—The moon, sun, and Jupiter are all conjunct natal Mars and opposite natal Pluto, a strong axis in the market’s horoscope. In addition, Venus opposes first-trade Jupiter and Uranus, while Mars squares the market’s sun and Mercury. Watch $80.30 per barrel for support in the June futures contract.

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