Weekly Finstrology Update for August 7: Economic Review

August 4, 2023

The first full week of August is shaping up to be a review of the summer’s economic issues. Monday’s trading kicks off under a square between the sun and Jupiter that could put powerful leaders at odds with economic expansion. 

Financial surprises could come on Wednesday, August 9 as money planet Venus squares trickster Uranus for the second of three times. Shortly after their first square on July 2, minutes from the Fed’s mid-June meeting revealed internal debate over whether to pause or continue hiking interest rates; it chose to pause in June, but increased rates at end-July. That debate could arise again this week with the “reviewing” aspect. Resolution could come with the final square on September 29 under a full moon in Aries, on the last trading day of the third quarter. 

The Nasdaq-100 could make a high on Wednesday because the Venus portion of the square is traveling with the sun and both oppose the index’s first-trade sun, while the moon trines natal Mercury. First-trade Uranus receives a trine from the sun and Venus as well as a square from Mercury and Mars. On a rally, the index could test last week’s gap between 15,561 and 15,636.

Market reaction to Thursday’s reports on inflation and unemployment could be quite positive because they occur after Wednesday evening’s trine between Mercury in its ruling sign of Virgo and Jupiter in the financially oriented sign of Taurus. That aspect, the first of three exact hits through late September, portends that reported data is accurate and can expand the economy. However, the flip side of interpretation is that both the inflation and unemployment numbers are larger than expected. Either way, the jury is out on their final impact until the aspect’s final pass on September 25.

Markets on the Move

ADDYY | Adidas AG (ADR)

While you’re cheering on the United States in the FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer tournament, take note that the ball in play is made by Adidas, which has been supplying balls to World Cup soccer since 1970. 

Founded by Adi Dassler in 1949 in Germany, the shoe and sportswear/gear company listed its stock under the ticker symbol ADS in Frankfurt on November 17, 1995. The American Depository Receipt (ADR) under ticker ADDYY became available to U.S. investors 10 years later. 

Look for a high in ADS/ADDYY on Friday, August 12, just as the women’s tournament quarter-finals conclude. That’s when the sun and Venus trine the Sagittarius stellium of Venus, Jupiter and Mars in the ADS first-trade horoscope. In addition, Mercury and Mars conjoin the natal moon while Jupiter trines the moon. The sun and Mercury trined the stellium at the stock’s record high in August 2021.

Prices could make a low on Friday, October 13 when the sun and Mercury are square to that Sagittarius stellium, with Venus square natal Pluto and Pluto partile conjunct natal Uranus.

Weekly Highlights

  • Gold High on Tuesday, August 8—Five planets—Mercury and Mars in Virgo; moon, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus—form a grand trine with the gold market’s first-trade Mercury and Venus to create a peak of favorability. In addition, the sun conjoins the market’s natal moon. Watch for resistance in December futures near $2011 per oz.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Wednesday, August 9—The first-trade sun is activated by four planets–Jupiter conjunct, sun square; and Mercury/Mars trine. The moon is aligned with the sensitive natal Mercury/Uranus opposition. September futures could hit resistance near 112-200.

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