Weekly Finstrology Update for December 11: Fed Focused

December 10, 2023

All times Eastern.

The trading week begins with an indulgent opposition between money planet Venus and Jupiter, the cosmic Santa Claus, still in play although waning. Mercury, in sensible Capricorn, could help bring sobriety to the spending spree as it sextiles Venus on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the almost new moon and Mars are conjunct the Nasdaq-100’s first-trade Uranus and opposite its natal moon in a setup that could spur prices higher. Also supportive is that transiting Venus squares the first-trade sun while Mars is sextile.

The year’s final chapter of this year’s interest rate story will be written on Wednesday, December 13, as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announces its decision at 2:00 p.m. This is the conclusion to a two-day meeting that operates under two distinctly different astrological vibes.

The FOMC begins its meeting on Tuesday as the moon is in its final, balsamic phase that supports retreating to review and form new plans to be put into place at the new moon. At 6:32 p.m. that evening, the moon enters its new phase in Sagittarius, suggesting that by Tuesday, the Fed can get behind an optimistic approach and could go down a new path.

However, Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde in motion on Wednesday at 2:09 a.m. This could make the FOMC members reconsider that potential new approach in favor of repeating past restrictive efforts. At the very least, Wednesday’s 2:00 p.m. announcement could be misconstrued or misunderstood by market participants in a big way because Mercury is out-of-bounds and behaving at an extreme.

Markets on the Move

SPOT Spotify Technology SA

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Look for prices to peak on December 12 as the sun, moon, and Mars trine its first-trade sun while natal Venus receives a conjunction from Jupiter and opposition from Venus. Prices could make a low on December 22 when the first-trade conjunction between the moon and Jupiter receives a conjunction from Venus and opposition from Uranus. In the new year, watch January 8 for a potential high as the moon and Venus trine natal sun/Mercury. On January 25, the sun and moon form a T-square with first-trade Venus that could produce a low.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Tuesday, December 12 — Look for a peak as Venus is partile trine its first-trade position while the sun, moon, and Mars square natal Uranus. Resistance could appear near $44,800.
  • Euro FX Low on Tuesday, December 12 — Prices could be at low with the sun, moon and Mars trining first-trade Venus. At the same time, natal Mercury receives a conjunction from Jupiter, opposition from Venus and a trine from out-of-bounds Mercury. Watch 1.0730 for support, basis December futures.
  • Gold Low on Tuesday, December 12 — The sun, moon, and Mars conjoin the market’s first-trade Mars, while trining the first-trade moon. Mercury conjoins the natal sun while transiting Venus and Jupiter each are square to it. Look for support near $2030 per oz. in February futures. 
  • Soybeans Low on Tuesday, December 12 — Both important axes in the first-trade chart are activated by transiting planets. The sun/moon/Mars trio is aligned with the natal Jupiter/moon opposition, while Venus and Jupiter are aligned with the natal Venus/Uranus opposition. Support in January futures could appear at $12.98 per bu., then $12.72.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Thursday, December 14 — The moon and Mercury trine the market’s first-trade sun, with transiting Venus in opposition. Expect resistance just above 112-000 in March futures.
  • Crude Oil Low on Friday, December 15 — The moon and Pluto form a T-square with the market’s natal Mars/Pluto opposition as the sun trines Mars and sextiles Pluto. In addition, Venus opposes its first-trade position. Watch $68.80 per barrel, basis January futures, for support.

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