Weekly Finstrology Update for December 18: Solstice Shiftings

December 17, 2023

All times Eastern.

This week’s highlight is the winter solstice and sun/Mercury conjunction — both at their peak for Friday’s trading session, the last one before a three-day break for the Christmas holiday.

Based on transits to its first-trade horoscope, the S&P 500 could make a low on the last trading day before Christmas because the sun and Mercury are both at 0 degrees Capricorn in a partile square to first-trade Mercury at 0 degrees Pisces. Also significant is that transiting Venus opposes natal Mars to the exact degree.

However, note that the winter solstice is one of the more significant days for a “change of trend” identified by legendary trader W.D. Gann, as the S&P 500 is near its record high of 4818. Also, pay particular attention to insightful news when Mercury is “cazimi” the sun on Friday from 10:57 a.m. to 4:44 p.m.

Planetary aspects earlier in the week feature retrograde Mercury trining Jupiter on Monday, when a review of big trades by big players could occur. On Thursday, expect the unexpected in the GDP and Jobless Claims reports because money planet Venus opposes trickster Uranus.

All markets will close at their normal times on Friday, December 22, ahead of the three-day Christmas holiday. The stock market will reopen on Tuesday, December 26, at its regular time.

Futures markets will open at their regular times on December 25 for trade date December 26, with the exception of grains and livestock, which will open on Tuesday at their regular times.

Markets on the Move

UBER Uber Technologies

A company whose name we might be using as a verb, Uber Technologies, joins the prestigious Standard & Poor’s 500 index on Monday, December 18, as part of the index’s quarterly rebalancing. The S&P 500 is made up of 500 stocks that represent the large-cap market space; it is considered the institutional benchmark for investing performance. 

Uber Technologies was incorporated in Delaware on July 16, 2010, and its stock began trading on May 10, 2019. A phrase in its mission statement — “…a tech company that connects the physical and digital worlds…” — is clearly represented in its first-trade horoscope, with Mercury and Uranus (inventive transportation) both in the earth sign of Taurus conjunct the midheaven. The pair forms a grand trine in earth with the company’s natal Pluto and Venus. 

Standard & Poor’s announced Uber’s upcoming inclusion on December 1, and the stock gapped higher the next trading day. Expect a big-volume day and price boost on December 18 as institutions adjust their portfolios, especially because transiting Uranus exactly conjoins the stock’s first-trade sun the next day. Another high could occur on December 26 when first-trade Mercury receives a trine from the sun and conjunction from Jupiter. Watch for lows on January 11 and January 25 when the sun and moon connect with first-trade Saturn/Pluto and Uranus, respectively. 

In the longer term, Uranus and Jupiter will conjoin the first-trade sun in early 2024, transits that typically boost prices. Uranus makes its final of three exact conjunctions on March 5. Jupiter exactly conjoins the first-trade sun on April 11, but the day before might be more significant because the moon is conjunct the sun as well.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin Low on Friday, December 22 — The market’s first-trade Pluto receives aspects from five planets: the sun and Mercury conjunct, the moon and Jupiter trine, and Saturn sextile. The moon and Jupiter also form a T-square with Bitcoin’s important moon/Mercury opposition. Support could come in near $39,500.
  • Gold High on Friday, December 22 — The moon and Jupiter are trining gold’s first-trade sun, with Venus sextile its natal placement. Look for significant resistance in February futures at $20 per oz. either side of $2100.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Friday, December 22 — The market’s first-trade sun is in the spotlight with a conjunction from the moon, Jupiter and Uranus. The sun, Mercury, and Mars conjoin first-trade Neptune and square the important Venus/Mars opposition in the first-trade horoscope. March futures prices could find resistance near 114-000.

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