Weekly Finstrology Update for February 12: An Aquarius Kind of Week

February 11, 2024

All times Eastern

Independent, rebellious Aquarius could influence markets this week as both Mars and Venus enter the sign and then conjoin with Pluto shortly after that. In addition, energy from the new moon in Aquarius the previous Friday still lingers, as does the square from Mercury in Aquarius to Jupiter in Taurus on Saturday. Both of those suggest surprising financial snags as the trading week begins. 

Mars enters Aquarius at 1:05 a.m. on Tuesday, leaving the sign of Capricorn, where it is exalted and extremely strong. So, there could be a letdown in energy on Tuesday’s trade. Just minutes after the CPI inflation numbers are released on Tuesday, money planet Venus sextiles inflation-ruler Neptune, indicating that the number could be higher than expected, i.e., a dissolving of money. 

Wednesday’s Mars/Pluto conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius brings extra power to their opposition with Uranus in the S&P 500 first-trade horoscope that could create a low, especially with Venus nearby. The Nasdaq-100 could follow suit with a low on Friday, February 16, when the sun exactly squares its first-trade Saturn while Venus, Mars, and Pluto—all in Aquarius after Venus’s entry on Friday morning—are conjunct its natal Jupiter/Mercury.

Note that the week’s trading activity could trail off heading into the long holiday weekend. The New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday, February 19, for the Presidents’ Day holiday. Most futures markets at CME Group will open at their normal times on Sunday for the trade date on Tuesday, February 20.

Markets on the Move

UMG Universal Music Group

You might have noticed your favorite TikTok videos have gone silent, thanks to a parting of the ways between the platform and music industry behemoth, Universal Music Group, effective January 31, when their licensing agreement expired. 

UMG represents more than one-third of artists from labels including Decca, Capitol, Motown, and Abbey Road and is insisting on increased compensation from TikTok when those tracks are used in user-generated content. The negotiations also covered artist protection from AI-generated content and safety for TikTok users.

The company is based in the Netherlands, and its stock began trading on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange on September 21, 2021. That first-trade horoscope features three trines that have been activated when transiting planets form a grand trine with them. 

The exact trine between first-trade Mercury and Jupiter is more dominant, which has precipitated price lows when planets transit 23 Gemini to complete the grand trine. This includes the record low of October 11, 2022, at €16.648, as well as the November 1, 2023, low at €22.670. Look for an important low on June 14 when the transiting sun, Mercury, and Venus form that grand trine.

The second first-trade trine to watch is between Mars and Saturn, in earlier degrees of Libra and Aquarius. When transiting Mars filled in the grand trine, prices peaked at €24.125 on January 12, 2023. The transiting sun, Venus, and Jupiter form a grand trine on May 28 for a potentially important high given the presence of both benefic planets. 

A third first-trade trine, between the sun and Pluto, has been activated by transiting planets forming the grand trine at both highs and lows. 

On a shorter-term basis, look for a low on February 12 as the sun conjoins first-trade Jupiter while Venus and Mars conjoin first-trade Pluto. A high could occur on February 22 when the transiting moon and Jupiter form a grand square with first-trade Venus and Saturn.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX Low on Monday, February 12—Venus, Mars, and Pluto are trining the market’s first-trade conjunction between the sun and Mars. Two transit-to-natal conjunctions include Jupiter to Mercury and Mercury to Uranus. Look for support in March futures at 1.0730.
  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Friday, February 16—Venus, Mars, and Pluto are connected to the sensitive Mercury/Uranus opposition in the first-trade horoscope by a trine to Mercury and sextile to Uranus. The moon trines its natal position while the sun trines natal Pluto. March futures could find good support in the 110-200 area.

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