Weekly Finstrology Update for February 19: Money Planet Venus in Charge

February 18, 2024

All times Eastern

The holiday-shortened trading week is relatively quiet, with planetary action occurring only on Thursday and Friday. 

Money planet Venus hooks up with action-taker Mars in Aquarius early Thursday, which could precipitate a new, unique take on finances. Thus, watch for unexpected figures for the day’s jobless claims and home sales reports. In this conjunction, Venus has more say-so and gets Mars to do its bidding. In Aquarius, Venus would like to support the unusual, unique, and intellectual.

Venus, Mars, and Pluto all make a trine to the S&P 500’s first-trade Mars on Friday, as well as a square to first-trade Jupiter. These connections could indicate a high in the market. Watch the mid-February record high of 5048 to provide resistance.

Trading confusion seems likely on Friday after Mercury enters Pisces in the overnight trading session. Mercury, the ruler of trading, likes precision. In Pisces, Mercury is prone to daydreaming and being unfocused. So, like when it is retrograde, do be careful when trading with Mercury in Pisces (through March 9) to ensure accuracy.

Markets on the Move


The world of streaming sports programming, FuboTV’s mainstay, changed on February 7 when media giants Walt Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new sports-only streaming joint venture expected to launch in fall 2024. It would bundle college and pro sports from Disney-owned ESPN and ABC, Fox, and WBD-owned TNT and TBS. 

Founded in 2015, FuboTV has 1.5 million paid subscribers in North America and about 400,000 in Canada, Spain, and France. Of its 300 live sports, news, and entertainment networks, it offers most of those included in the proposed joint venture, with the exception of TNT and TBS. Its stock fell as much as 30% to $1.75 on February 7 in reaction to the new joint venture news.

FuboTV stock began trading under that name on October 8, 2020. That first-trade horoscope has two important features. First, Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct and both square to the sun, indicating a fortuitous start. Second, the Mercury/Uranus opposition is quite sensitive to market movement, particularly at highs. 

Indeed, watch for high on February 22 when the moon, Venus and Mars are all square to that Mercury/Uranus opposition while Jupiter is partile conjunct Uranus. Another high could appear on August 5 when the sun squares natal Mercury/Uranus. In addition Venus and Mercury conjoin first-trade Venus while Jupiter/Mars are trine the natal sun. 

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the first-trade chart is activated most at lows. Indeed, on February 7, the moon, Venus, and Mars were all conjunct first-trade Jupiter/Pluto, with extra support from Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus. Therefore, look for a low on May 8 when the sun, moon, Jupiter, and Uranus are all trine that fortunate pair. Another low could be in store on September 13 when the sun trines natal Jupiter/Pluto while the moon is conjunct and Jupiter is opposite.

Weekly Highlights

  • Crude Oil Low on Wednesday, February 21—Venus, Mars and Pluto are square to the market’s first-trade conjunction between the moon and Saturn from one direction, while the transiting moon makes a square from the other direction. Look for good support in April futures near $76.30 per barrel.
  • Bitcoin High on Thursday, February 22—Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct the market’s natal Mercury, which is one half of its important opposition with the moon. The transiting moon is aligned with the moon’s natal placement. Big money is indicated with Pluto exactly conjunct bitcoin’s first-trade Jupiter. Watch for resistance as bitcoin approaches $53,890 or $57,490.
  • Soybeans High on Friday, February 23—Venus and Mars are squaring the important Venus/Uranus axis in the market’s first-trade horoscope. The market could hit resistance at $11.98 per bu.

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