Weekly Finstrology Update for March 11: Front-Loaded Planetary Action

March 11, 2024

All times Eastern

The planets are busy over the weekend, but then quickly go on spring break until it’s time to report back to work near the spring equinox. 

Mars kicks the weekend off with a square to disruptor Uranus on Saturday, March 9. With both planets in fixed signs, weekend news could set a feisty tone for Monday’s trade. The new moon in Pisces on Sunday, March 10 forms a sextile with Uranus that could provide the opportunity for a more compassionate look at the issues. 

Firing up the entire situation is Mars entering its ruling sign of Aries on Saturday at 11:03 p.m., then sextiling Pluto in Aquarius just as markets open for the week on Sunday night. Together, those two planets could help make good, progressive headway. 

Finally, after markets close on Monday, money planet Venus enters Pisces, where it is exalted. That is a positive, uplifting shift in financial matters.  

In response, the Nasdaq-100 could make a low on Monday with the S&P 500 following suit on Tuesday. For the Nasdaq, the transiting sun, Neptune and Mercury conjoin its sensitive first-trade Venus/Mars conjunction. Transiting Mars makes a partile trine to the market’s natal moon. In the S&P 500, transiting Mars is squaring its first-trade position while Venus conjoins both natal Mercury and Venus and Mercury trines natal Uranus.

Markets on the Move

GM General Motors

News that Google-owned Waymo got the OK to expand its robotaxi services beyond San Francisco renewed interest in how its rival, Cruise, a General Motors subsidiary might be faring after California forced suspension of its operations in October 2023. 

Cruise, which first received regulatory permission to offer driverless taxi services in California in June 2022, has had a bumpy road. In August 2023, California regulators approved both Cruise and Waymo to begin offering paid rides on a 24/7 basis. Less than two weeks later, following several traffic mishaps, Cruise cut its San Francisco fleet in half at the request of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In October, the DMV ordered Cruise to suspend its operations following an incident in which a pedestrian was dragged 20 feet before the car stopped.

GM stock set a low of $26.30 in November 2023 on news that Cruise had lost more than $8 billion since 2017 and had enough cash to operate only through June 2024. In January 2024, the company announced it would reduce Cruise expenses by $1 billion this year. In a March 4 interview in Barron’s, GM CEO Mary Barra said the company is “busy working to relaunch Cruise.” 

Although GM was founded in 1908, its current stock was listed on November 18, 2010, after the company came back from bankruptcy in 2009. The first-trade horoscope features a conjunction between Mars and Mercury that trines the moon. Another trine exists between the stock’s sun and Jupiter/Uranus. 

Most importantly, watch for a potential high on April 8, when the new moon/total solar eclipse at 19 Aries conjoins GM’s first-trade moon to the degree. Any exact-to-the-degree conjunction or opposition to an eclipse is especially significant; a conjunction to the stock’s moon indicates the potential for an especially emotional trading day with big volume and a big trading range. It could be that this is a high because, in addition, the Mars/Mercury conjunction receives not only a trine from the eclipse, but also a square from transiting Mars and Saturn. Similar transits to all these planets occurred at the high in March 2015. 

Watch for a low on March 15 when the sun and Neptune conjoin natal Jupiter/Uranus and trine the first-trade sun. Another low could occur on April 23 (the day of GM’s Q1 2024 earnings call) when transiting Mars hits that same spot. By May 3, prices could peak as Venus trine natal Pluto while the moon and Saturn square first-trade Mars/Mercury.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX Low on Monday, March 11—Money planet Venus squares the first-trade sun and Mars, with the transiting sun conjunct natal Jupiter. Look for support near 1.09000 in March futures.
  • Gold Low on Monday, March 11—Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are trine the natal Capricorn stellium that includes the sun, Mercury and Venus while the transiting moon squares the natal sun. After breaking into new-high territory, April gold could retreat to test the $2,120 per oz. to $2,140 level.
  • Soybeans Low on Monday, March 11—Mercury and the moon oppose natal sun and Mercury while the transiting sun is square to the sensitive moon/Jupiter axis in the first-trade horoscope chart. May futures could once again test $11.30 per bu. on a setback.
  • Bitcoin Low on Wednesday, March 13—Pluto is exactly conjunct first-trade Jupiter to provide a powerful boost to prices while the moon squares the natal sun. In addition, the transiting sun is conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn in the first-trade chart. After hitting a new record high of $68,969, bitcoin could come back to test $60,300.
  • Crude Oil Low on Wednesday, March 13—A significant low could occur as Jupiter and the moon conjoin Venus in the first-trade chart. In addition, transiting Venus exactly trines natal moon and Saturn, with transiting Pluto squaring those same two planets. Finally, transiting Mercury is conjunct both the sun and Mercury in the first-trade chart. April futures could find significant support near $76.30 per barrel.

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