Weekly Finstrology Update for May 8: Mid-Week Volatility

May 5, 2023

The markets ease into the trading week gently, following the lead of money planet Venus entering the helpful, supportive sign of Cancer on Sunday morning. 

However, the mood shifts dramatically by the close of trading on Tuesday, when the sun and Uranus are exactly conjunct in the financial sign of Taurus at 3:56 pm. That could spell fireworks and volatility going into the close. 

In this case, the volatility could be toward higher market prices as both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 could make highs on Wednesday due to grand trine formations in each market. In the S&P 500, transiting Venus forms a grand trine with first-trade Venus and Neptune; look for 4090 to be important resistance. In the Nasdaq-100, transiting Mars forms a grand trine with the market’s first-trade Venus/Mars conjunction and Saturn; watch for a rebound toward 13,170.

By week’s end, calmness returns along with a focus on reviewing long-term initiatives as Mercury sextiles Saturn for the second of three passes. The first, on April 5, was the day following Finland’s membership in NATO. Thus, be on the lookout for news about NATO as well as unification against Russian aggression, generally.

Markets on the Move

WEN | The Wendy’s Company

In this last week of Mercury retrograde (it turns direct in motion on May 14), it’s time to focus on fast-food chain Wendy’s. It is in the final week of an astrological-based promotion, likely the first company to ever do so publicly. (But, please let me know if you know of another.) 

Wendy’s announced its promo on April 21, when Mercury began its retrograde trip. The chain pitched its four weeks of special deals as “helping fans survive this time of chaos with out-of-this-world ‘Mercury Menu’ deals.” Notably, Mercury was exactly conjunct the most recent incorporation horoscope of the company (May 6, 1994 in Delaware), with the transiting moon (the public) and Uranus (astrology) also nearby, supporting the big shakeup in trying something new with messaging. 

The company announces first-quarter earnings on May 10, which look as if they could have a positive reaction. On May 9, prices could make a low as three planets transit the stock’s first-trade sun and Pluto (moon conjunct, Mercury trine, Venus opposite, based on the most recent post-merger launch date of December 27, 2011. In addition, the transiting sun and Uranus trine the stock’s natal sun. 

Note that Wendy’s stock price peaked at $22.71 on the day it announced the Mercury Menu promotion, so could be ready for a rebound after Mercury turns direct on May 14. Indeed, stock prices could step up to a new level and peak on May 17 when transiting Jupiter makes its first return to its place in the first-trade chart (exact the next day) with the moon nearby. Look for a potential low on June 14 when transiting Venus opposes its natal first-trade position, the sun trines first-trade Saturn, and the moon and Jupiter trine first-trade sun and Pluto.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX Low on Monday, May 8—Transiting Mercury makes its return to its first-trade position; watch for support in June futures at 1.0980. 
  • Bitcoin Big Low on Wednesday, May 10—Mercury squares the sensitive moon/Mercury opposition in the first-trade chart, while the moon and Mars align with the first-trade sun. Also, the sun and Uranus are trining the natal sun. Look for support from $26,910 to $27,100.
  • Crude Oil High on Thursday, May 11—Mars and Jupiter are creating a T-square with the market’s natal Mars/Pluto opposition while the moon squares the market’s moon/Saturn conjunction. In June futures, look for a rebound near $73.00 per barrel.

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