Weekly Finstrology Update for October 2: Mercury Rules

September 30, 2023

Mercury takes the spotlight this week, putting an emphasis on communications, details and negotiations with two aspects to outer planets and a late-week change of sign.

On Monday, Mercury in its ruling sign of Virgo opposes Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces at 11:34 am. As much as Mercury wants all the details, Neptune’s strength is in obfuscating them. These two strong planets are in a tug-of-war over information seen and unseen that could keep the markets on edge. 

The next day, Pluto in Capricorn steps into the mix to help sort things out as it is in a trine with Mercury at 3:20 pm. This connection suggests substantial ease for powerful people to make headway in executing a detail-oriented plan. 

Look for stock market highs in the first half of the week. Mercury conjoins first-trade Jupiter in the S&P 500 on Monday while it opposes the Nasdaq-100’s sensitive first-trade Venus/Mars conjunction on Wednesday. 

Mercury moves into negotiation mode when it enters Libra at 8:09 pm Wednesday. This switches the conversation to fair trade and win-win solutions from simply the act of gathering accurate data. Perhaps this is when progress is made in the UAW strike against the big three automakers.

Markets on the Move

F Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company is one of three major U.S. automakers negotiating with the United Auto Workers (UAW) over better pay and benefits in the aftermath of increased post-pandemic profits. Workers began the strike on September 15 at one plant at Ford, General Motors and Stellaris; a week later, progress with Ford management prevented further walk-outs at Ford sites. 

Ford was first organized in 1903 in Michigan, then incorporated in Delaware in 1919. Its stock was privately held until January 1956, and it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on March 7, 1956. By the close of trade on its opening day, it ranked behind only AT&T and General Motors in number of stockholders, at 350,000. 

Look for a potential price low in Ford on Tuesday, October 10 when the transiting moon and Venus not only align with the stock’s first-trade Pluto, but also click in to a grand trine with natal Venus and Mars. 

Prices could peak on October 25 when the transiting moon conjoins the first-trade sun while transiting Venus opposes the natal sun and trines the natal moon. Note that this is one day ahead of the company’s third-quarter earnings call, scheduled for 5:00 pm on October 26; it also is a similar set of transits to when the stock peaked on October 26, 2015 at $15.84.

A significant low could arrive on Friday, December 22 when the sun and Mercury are both at 00 Capricorn and form a grand trine with the stock’s Venus and natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Monday, October 2—Prices could reach a zenith when the moon, Uranus and Mercury connect with bitcoin’s first-trade sun and Saturn to form a grand trine in earth signs. In addition, transiting Mars squares the natal sun. Look for resistance just under $27,000.
  • Gold Low on Tuesday, October 3—Three squares between transiting and first-trade planets could give rise to rising prices: (1) sun square sun; (2) Mars square Venus; and (3) Jupiter square Mercury. Providing a surprising boost could be that Uranus is partile trine first-trade Venus. Look for support in December futures at $1868 per oz.
  • Crude Oil Low on Thursday, October 5—It is the market’s half-birthday, with sun opposite sun, and transiting Mars conjunct Pluto could provide a boost as could transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Venus. Meanwhile transiting Venus forms a grand trine in fire with first-trade Mars and Neptune. November futures could find support at $86.80 per barrel if they break support around $93.00.
  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Thursday, October 5—Transiting Mars is partile conjunct first-trade Pluto. The moon and Mercury also make partile aspects with natal Mars, a square and conjunction, respectively. December futures should have strong support near 107-07. 
  • Soybeans High on Friday, October 6—The market’s first-trade sun receives a conjunction from the sun and square from the moon. Mercury conjoins its natal placement as well. November futures could hit resistance at $12.98 per bu., then $13.38.

All times Eastern

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