Aries Full Moon: Meaning, Dates, Transit & Natal

January 17, 2023

Full moons occur roughly once a month, so an Aries full moon occurs just once—maybe twice—a year. For this reason, it’s usually very important to note what sign the full moon is in so you can appropriately celebrate (and also know what’s coming up based on your birth chart!). 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. Often referred to as “the baby,” Aries as a sign represents the naivety, optimism, and energy of a child. According to astrologer Maisy Bristol, much of these themes are reflected in an Aries full moon as well. “A full moon in Aries will encourage us to embrace our inner child,” she says. “It asks you to have hope for the future and really put down the law according to what you need.” 

Bristol goes on to say that while Aries is sometimes considered a self-absorbed sign, this quality allows them to define what they need at any given moment—and demand it from others. In terms of a full moon, this attitude is something to be embraced. “This kind of full moon doesn’t ask questions or wait for permission.”


Bristol notes that experiencing an Aries full moon means “going for it.” She says that it’s a great time to utilize Aries’ fearless, energizing, and hopeful attitude to put things out to the world that you want to see. 

Additionally, full moons represent endings or closure. “With a full moon (representing detox or endings) in Aries, we feel encouraged to let go of perceptions or expectations of us that we do not resonate with,” says Bristol. “It’s the perfect time to try something new, break out of your shell, or tell someone to get lost.” 


If you were born with an Aries full moon in your birth chart, you’re in luck! You’re likely to be naturally strong, independent, and fearless, according to Bristol. “Natives with this kind of full moon are a force to be reckoned with,” says Bristol. “Nothing gets in their way and good luck changing their mind if you hope to do so!”


  • October 9, 2022
  • September 29, 2023
  • October 17, 2024

What It Means for Your Horoscope

Here, Bristol gives her thoughts on what each sign should be thinking about during an Aries full moon.

Aries Sun & Rising

This is happening in your 1st House of identity and ego, Aries! It’s literally pushing you to become a new you—especially doing so by detoxing. For example, if you’ve been thinking about changing your look, cutting your hair is a transformative emergence experience.

Taurus Sun & Rising

Since this moon is happening in your 12th House of spirituality, health, and healing, now is a good time to intentionally cut things out of your life that do not feed your soul, Taurus.

Gemini Sun & Rising

It’s a great time to identify who is a good friend to you… and who you could live without, Gemini. This moon is highlighting your 11th House of friendships—so, take advantage!

Cancer Sun & Rising

Shining on your 10th House of career, this full moon encourages you to make your demands at work. Ask for that promotion, seek out a raise, or apply for that dream job, Cancer!

Leo Sun & Rising

As the full moon highlights your 9th House of travel and exploration, it asks you to travel somewhere new, Leo. Be bold and go to a new country!

Virgo Sun & Rising

This full moon lands in your sultry, sexy 8th House, Virgo. Time to try some new moves in the bedroom or explore your hidden sexual side. 

Libra Sun & Rising

This full moon happens opposite you, so it’s in your 7th House of long-term partnerships. It’s a great time to identify with what you need in a partnership and share this with your partner, Libra. Single? Get out there and mingle! 

Scorpio Sun & Rising

The Aries full moon always occurs in Scorpio’s 6th House of daily routines. So, that means it’s time to shake things up! Do something fun that you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to do. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Being in Sagittarius’ 5th House of dating and fun, this full moon brings out the sexy side in you. Turn up the charm (because it’ll be natural for you) and start swiping!

Capricorn Sun & Rising

This moon happens in your 4th House of home, Capricorn. That means it’s time to be more open with your family and explore childhood wounds that still need to be addressed.

Aquarius Sun & Rising

This moon occurs in your 3rd House of communication, Aquarius. If you’ve been holding back a few thoughts, it’s time now to bring them up. 

Pisces Sun & Rising

Being a Pisces, this full moon occurs in your 2nd House of money and self-worth. And that means… this full moon is making you realize your full value in both partnerships and career. Ask for what you’re worth!


How long does a full moon in Aries last?

A typical full moon will last just the one night it arises. However, the energy of a full moon should last anywhere from three to four days.

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