This Week’s Sports Predictions: February 12– February 18, 2024

February 11, 2024

Welcome to Sports Astrology Predictions where we take a look at the astrology of competition in a bid to predict who will come out on top!  

All sport is ruled by the planet Mars. The position and condition of this protective and combative planet have a significant baseline influence on the outcome of all competition.

This week, Mars gets to make out with one of the brightest stars in the night sky—the pale-yellow fixed star Altair in the constellation of Aquila the Eagle. And just like an eagle, the frequency generated by this conjunction endows a keen perception and a sharpened mind where courage, strength, and determination will win the day. Gather all your resources and stay focussed on the main game because now is the time to spread your wings and fly!

We begin this week’s predictions on Tuesday evening with a basketball game between the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder. Here, the waxing Pisces moon gets up to mischief for a mesmerizing match. Then, basketball teams Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons shape up under the light of the growing crescent moon for a hometown showdown. Finally, on Tuesday evening, in yet another basketball game, the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings go head-to-head under the auspices of the growing light of the Pisces moon for a gripping game of hide-and-seek.

Game 1


Orlando Magic -v- Oklahoma City Thunder

Tuesday 13th February @ 7:30 pm – Orlando, Florida

On Tuesday evening at the Amway Center, the Orlando Magic invite Oklahoma City Thunder onto their court. With fixed star Aldebaran overseeing the action and the shy crescent Pisces moon sliding into the shadows, this will be a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse, especially with the Thunder’s eccentric point guard, Aquarius moon Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and his duplicitous Gemini Mars running rings around the opposition. But it appears that it will be the Magic’s cunning power forward, Virgo Mars Paolo Banchero and his own very quirky Aquarius moon, who will be the one to pull out all the stops for a spectacular climax. Orlando Magic to win.

Game 2


Los Angeles Lakers -v- Detroit Pistons

Tuesday 13th February @ 7:30 pm – Los Angeles, California

On Tuesday evening at the Arena, the Los Angeles Lakers welcome the Detroit Pistons onto their turf. With fixed star Regulus flying under the radar and the waxing Pisces moon ready to tango, this will be a ruthless battle, especially with the Pistons’ wild point guard, Sagittarius moon/Mars combo Cade Cunningham and his clever Virgo sun on the attack. However, it appears that it will be the Lakers’ veteran small forward, Aquarius Mars LeBron James and his slippery Pisces moon in the midst of the action, who will be the one to hold the opposition to ransom for a show-stopping finale. Los Angeles Lakers to win.

Game 3


Phoenix Suns -v- Sacramento Kings

Tuesday 13th February @ 8:00 pm – Phoenix, Arizona 

On Tuesday evening at the Footprint Center, home team Phoenix Suns invite the Sacramento Kings onto their territory.  With the misty Pisces moon ready to rumble, this will be a game riddled with hidden agenda, especially with the Kings’ stellar point guard, Leo moon De’Aaron Fox and his loaded Mars/Venus/Uranus/Neptune stellium stealing the show. But it appears that it will be the Suns’ veteran power forward, Pisces Mars Kevin Durant and his clever Virgo sun, who will outwit the opposition for an exhilarating win. Phoenix Suns to win.

And that’s a wrap for this week in Sports Astrology Predictions. Until next time!

All information in this post is merely the personal opinion of the author and not that of or any other person, company or entity. At the time of publishing this article, not all team rosters have been finalized. All game times are rendered in local time. These predictions utilize the Sidereal system of astrology which is based on the actual link between the position of the planets with the fixed stars and constellations. Should any game be delayed by a significant amount of time (generally speaking 20 minutes or more) the original chart may not be valid and the prediction must be viewed with caution, if at all.