Horóscopo de bonificación diaria de Géminis

26 de febrero 2024

Las pistas para una prueba de vida abundan: une los puntos y aprobarás con nota.

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Horóscopo diario del amor

Some big breakthroughs may manifest in the days ahead, Gemini. Prepare to shout, "Hallelujah!" In fact, you will likely enjoy the days to come quite a bit as mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication and your planetary ruler, dances up into the heart of the mighty sun. While this technically could bring a lot of your attention to your public standing, long-term goals, and ambitions, this would be a good time to assess how you can make love a part of your legacy. Talk with your partner about working as a team to build the empire you've always wanted.

Horóscopo laboral diario

Try to stay on track this morning, Gemini. You might feel like you are all over the place this morning since the moon will be void of course. The listless lunation could make it challenging for you to focus on any task or responsibility. Luckily, you should feel like it is easier to focus by mid-morning since the moon will enter Libra and trine Pluto in Aquarius. The airy trine will help you stay on task, even to the point where you are fixated on something until it is finished. 

Horóscopo diario

En este momento estás muy sexy y te resultará fácil atraer la atención adecuada si vas en busca de ella. Comprueba si tu energía juguetona enciende a alguien de la misma manera.

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