2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope. 2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope.

gemini Monthly Horoscope for January 2022

Month of January 2022

Clearing Out

Are you ready to let go of anything that’s holding you back, Gemini? This month is perfect for tying up loose ends and finding closure on those issues that have been the bane of your life for some time.

The new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 2 can enhance your desire to get 2022 off to the best start possible. With this in mind, you could be very aware of what needs to change. And, if you’ve been putting off the moment of reckoning, this lunar phase can act as a catalyst that gets things moving.

However, with luscious Venus continuing her retrograde phase until the twenty-ninth, there could be times when you doubt your decisions, especially those concerning money or relationships. Try to listen more to your instincts and not overthink things. Your intuition won’t let you down.

Talkative Mercury, your personal planet, turns retrograde on Jan. 14, which could put a monkey wrench in the works regarding travel adventures, study, getting something published, or other new opportunities. Patience may be necessary until things are sorted out.

You could turn into a spendaholic when there’s a full moon in emotional Cancer and your money zone on the seventeenth. It could see you splurging to feel better about things. Some self-care or pampering might be better for you than shopping.

As the sun eases into Aquarius for a four-week stay on Jan. 19, you could begin to feel a little easier in some ways. An opportunity to expand your reach might show up and bring new developments your way.

Warrior Mars moves into Capricorn and an intense zone on the twenty-fourth, emphasizing the need to work on deep-seated blockages that could be preventing you from enjoying greater wealth or emotional happiness.

Finally, a new moon on Jan. 31 can be a call to take on an exciting challenge.

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Monthly Love

You get one day of straight focus while your ruler Mercury spends time with driven Capricorn, but, by Jan. 2, all bets are off once Mercury is in airy Aquarius. Even if you think radically differently than your partner, lover, or crush, you aren’t afraid to express your opinion, nor should you be.

Communication with your loved ones becomes more difficult, when Mercury goes retrograde on the fourteenth, as does keeping things in the dating world uncomplicated and drama-free. If you text a lot or use dating apps, technology won’t be as...

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Monthly Work

When Venus retrograde and the sun unite on Jan. 8, you could find that your boss or upper management wants to offer you a raise and promotion. While you’re eager to take the raise, Gemini, you might not necessarily want the promotion. It’s not that you don’t want the change in status and title, but you’re hesitant to take on more work that means less time spent with your family and friends, especially if last year didn’t give you enough time to be fully present in your personal life. 

Unlike the other zodiac signs, this is a time for...

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Monthly Dating

The year 2022 begins on a flirtatious note when Mercury enters Aquarius on Jan. 1. Use your extensive knowledge and wit to charm everyone you meet. Take that knowledge into the bedroom during Capricorn’s new moon on the second. A physical connection could lead to a deep emotional bond.

However, don’t move too quickly, Gemini. Mercury goes into retrograde on Jan. 14, making it difficult to get on the same page with your lover. Avoid going out during the Cancer full moon on the seventeenth. Your ego will be extra sensitive and you...

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