gemini Monthly Horoscope for October 2021

Month of October 2021

Creativity and Romance

Leisure and pleasure are high on the agenda over the whole month, Gemini, with the sun in Libra until October 22 and Mars in the same sign until the end of the month. This can be a delightful time when you reconnect with your creative abilities and get a lot of pleasure out of doing so. And if you’re eager to learn a new hobby or get back in touch with one you used to enjoy, now is the time.

The new moon in Libra on the sixth can be your aide and ally for kick-starting a new project, learning a skill, or honing an ability you already have. And if you’re eager to promote your work to a wider audience, this is a great opportunity to do so. Your efforts will quickly build momentum.

Luscious Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 7 and enhances your relationships. You might be inspired to take a key relationship further by doing more exciting things together. If matters have been going along much as usual, then a trip or new project could work wonders for your connection.

On the eighteenth, thoughtful Mercury turns direct in Libra after its three-week retrograde phase, and this could be helpful if a love tryst has cooled a bit. It might soon pick up again.

Are you ready to party and celebrate? If so, the full moon on October 20 could coincide with a boisterous and uplifting event. This is a great chance to let off some steam, and if you enjoy dancing, you’ll have a ball.

The sun’s move into Scorpio and your work and wellness sector on the twenty-second is followed there by feisty Mars at the end of the month. These potent influences are excellent for changing your routines and eliminating any bad habits.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to weed out those areas that aren’t working for you and replace them with activities or a new job that you find fulfilling and even more lucrative.

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Monthly Love

Your quick-thinking leader Mercury trines optimistic Jupiter on October 3, leading to some helpful epiphanies about your love life. Even if it isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like at the moment, Gemini, you have some great ideas about making improvements in the future.

Tiny, caring asteroid Ceres goes retrograde while in your mentally alert sign on the ninth, so you should be able to think of a lot of different ways to make your partner or crush feel good. Knowing how to give genuine compliments is a great skill!


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Monthly Work

Mercury’s backward march aligns with the new moon in Libra on October 6, allowing you to rekindle the spark of your creativity. You could manifest this in your own artistic or creative endeavor, or a project from years ago might inspire you to start a new one during this time.

When Venus enters Sagittarius on the seventh, you’ll decide whether it’s worth the effort to align your efforts with someone you worked with before. Now that you’ve revived a creative endeavor, this date is a wonderful time to align with someone who can help...

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Monthly Dating

If you want to bring the spark back into your dating life, start by suggesting a creative date, like painting pumpkins or making candy apples, when the new moon is in Libra on October 6. It might do the trick when Venus enters Sagittarius the next day, making it an ideal time for a lasting romance. You could meet someone through traveling, in higher education, or getting into a long-distance relationship. Whatever the case may be, love is an adventure right now.

You find your dating groove again when Mercury goes direct on the...

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