Horoscope mensuel de l'amour du Vierge

Mois de février 2024

When your focused fellow earth sign Capricorn starts hosting caring asteroid Ceres on February 7, you’re intent on proving that you’re capable of being a responsible, dependable partner. Whether your current boo needs a reminder of this or you’re trying to make a good impression on someone new, it pays to show off these qualities now.

Your talkative leader Mercury is in outspoken Aquarius when it squares expansive Jupiter on the tenth, which can result in some interesting and maybe controversial conversations. You don’t like to stir up drama on a regular basis, but sometimes you just can’t keep your mouth shut.

When Mercury shifts into understanding Pisces on February 22, however, your psychic abilities kick in and you’re almost able to read other people’s thoughts. This comes in extremely handy if your partner has been acting suspiciously or you’re dying to know someone else’s dirty little secret. You can trust your intuition now, Virgo, but always verify facts before accusing anyone of anything.

A full moon in your first house shines bright in the sky on the twenty-fourth, welcoming in a time of self-reflection and analysis. What’s gone right or wrong in your love life in the last month, and what role did you play in each scenario? It’s time to be brutally honest with yourself and take full ownership of both your screw-ups and successes.

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Horoscope mensuel du travail

You will be inspired to start a whole new vision quest and redo the branding for your business when Mercury enters Aquarius on February 4. Unique and innovative ideas will come to you instantly. Keep in mind that it’s a process and it might take time to find the right look for you to commit to. Don’t let your nature push you into a situation that you are unsure about without thinking matters thoroughly through, a sentiment you’ll begin to realize when Mercury enters Pisces on the twenty-second. The full moon on February 24 (which aligns with...

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Horoscope mensuel des rencontres

If you’re looking for love this month, you need to start by putting yourself out there when Mercury enters Aquarius on February 4. Use this time to update your dating profile, meet new people, and take care of yourself. Use the Aquarius new moon on the ninth to develop better dating habits before spring. You might even meet someone while working on your goals when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius on February 12 and February 16, respectively. There’s a strong possibility you’ll meet someone at work, the gym, or during your morning run. Stay...

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Horoscope quotidien de l'amour de la Vierge

23 février

A gorgeous period for your personal life awaits you today and tomorrow, Virgo. As soft and sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic planet, pulls back her bow and launches an arrow across the sky, mighty Jupiter will reach his hand to catch it! This ensures that with these two celestial objects linked,...

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Horoscope hebdomadaire de l'amour du Vierge

Semaine dus 18 février 2024

Communication is very important and necessary this week. In fact, the cosmos is highlighting this aspect for you right now when Mercury galvanizes the partnership sector of your chart on February 22. Knowing how to express yourself can enhance every wonderful possibility and opportunity that your...

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Horoscope amoureux annuel Vierge

Année 2024

However you would define your love life early this year (completely single and happy, single and looking, in a committed relationship and happy or unhappy, or any number of “it’s complicated” entanglements), we’re fairly confident that it will change to something else before the year is over. The...

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